Mikme – Wireless Recording Microphone

If you are someone that is starting off in the world of podcasts, want to improve video conference calls or are a budding YouTube content creator, nothing is more frustrating for the media consumer than poor quality sound, it can ruin the entire experience! However, what if there was a way to record true studio quality sound anywhere you go with just the touch of a button? Well, now you can, with – Mikme – a standalone wireless audio recorder that fits in the palm of your hand.


Once upon a time, if you wanted a premium audio recording experience then you needed to book an expensive recording studio or fork out the big bucks for a heavy-duty microphone and sound recording system. Mikme, have managed to solve this problem with their world first 1″ condenser and a 2/3″ electret capsule microphone that delivers only the best possible audio recording quality in 24Bit/up to 96kHz.


Using their proprietary Mikme app, the Mikme unit records sounds remotely and streams it directly to your phone, including automatic syncing with video. This completely wireless solution can record between 90-360 hours of uninterrupted audio in one sitting in popular m4a and wav format, making this a versatile option for both Mac and PC editing too. With both a silver and gold variant available, both units are essentially the same except the gold variant has more memory, a 1″ gold-plated condenser capsule and a wider 18–22kHz extended frequency response and higher sampling rate.


After trying their silver variant this past few weeks for everything from conference calls to live music recording, we are shocked at just how good the Mikme unit records and replicates sounds being heard. This truly is a handful of magic, sound was crisp with excellent bass, mid and low frequency reproduction and the app too could not be easier to use. We should also note we had no dropouts at all in our continuous audio recording tests of approximately 2-3 hours at a time and the fact that there are no cables to worry about makes this perhaps the best wireless audio recording option on the market today. Have a listen to this recording and decide for yourself!

Classical orchestra recording with the Mikme Microphone from Mikme on Vimeo.

If you are someone that is in the media and needs to record interviews, are a budding musician and need a cheap way to record a demo or better yet just want to record your son’s school music recital in all its glory, there simply isn’t a better way to do it than with Mikme. This one stop wireless recording studio is just great!

BUY yours hereMikme Portable Studio Recorder, Black, 16GB (M54-002-03-01)


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