Product Spotlight: May 2019

Once a month at One Cut Reviews, we take a handful of products that have caught our attention recently and will shine a light on them and their merits. These products are fighting for the attention of the average consumer and can be weird and wonderful, but most importantly, are great value for money. Here are our finds for May.

The Ultimate Wireless Car Charger

The aptly named product from mobile accessory maker Fiora, aims to bring car chargers into the modern era with what could be the ultimate solution for our power-hungry devices.

This phone mount/wireless cellphone charger combination offers powerful fast wireless charging up to 15W complete with a Quick Charge 3.0 adapter and USB-C cable; this is all wrapped up in a brilliant dual auto touch (open and close) design that feels future-proof.

Users simply place their phone in the mount, it senses you have placed your device there and it securely encases it with the closing arms, locking it in place until you press the convenient one touch release button.

One thing we adore about their Ultimate Car Charger is their secure fit perfect mounting system that comes standard in the box. You can mount the charger in your car in one of three ways that includes by air vent, CD slot or dash and they all hold your phone very securely.

Best of all is the price, at just $59.99 you are getting the convenience of wireless charging in a secure and svelte (nay sexy) design that just works and works well. A great buy for those Summer road trips!

The Car Pool


Speaking of Summer road trips, we all know too well that life on the road can be tough and the annoyance of having to make a pit stop and use often unhygienic public washrooms can grate on the nerves. There must be a better way, right? Well, now you can with The Car Pool.

This portable toilet, designed especially for men, is essentially flexible tubing that securely connects to the mouth of any standard empty bottle and allows you to take a pee break without having to stop driving! No, I’m not kidding.

This product, that we are sure every man has thought about inventing at some point in their lives, aims to bring all the conveniences of bladder release without the spillage. In fact, one thing we thought was quite ingenious was that the head of the car pool has a universal design which will form a water tight seal with a wide variety of water bottles, soda bottles and a wide range of other beverage bottles. It also comes with a top cap that you can screw on after use.

Best of all, The Car Pool compresses down when not in use for easy storage, just remember though to take a swig from the right water bottle down the road!

Origaudio Aurabox 2.0

One thing every adventure needs is a great soundtrack and what better way to do that than through an awesome Bluetooth enabled speaker that does more than just play music!

The Aurabox 2.0 is not only a powerful 5-Watt Bluetooth speaker with an impressive 33ft range, but also a digital creative palette of colored squares that lights up to show smartphone notifications of everything from email to social media and even calendar events.

Better yet, users can even create their own creative colored designs using the proprietary app to share with friends and/or use their brilliant Chat function to send other users’ messages and images. This is insanely fun to do, trust us, we have spent way too much time sending pixelated dick drawings.

Origaudio’s Aurabox 2.0 takes communication to a whole new level with this device, it is perfect for communicating with friends and family or when you want to disconnect a little and just the see the notifications that matter most.

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