Safe by HUB6

In recent years there has been quite the push to make home security smarter and more connected but with that usually comes added monthly expenditure, often out of reach for Mr. or Mrs. Average Home Owner. There are installation fees, exorbitant equipment fees, monthly monitoring fees…the list goes on and on and the price goes up and up. Safe by HUB6, is a new product that wants to retrofit your existing alarm system and hardware and turn it into a smart system.

HUB6 don’t want you to have to fork out of hundreds of dollars to upgrade your old system, in fact, they want to use your tried and tested hardware but bring it into the modern connected era. Their mission has always been to create beautiful smart devices that work seamlessly with your home and their Safe hub is your one stop device to make that happen.


The cable and Wi-Fi enabled Safe by HUB6 unit connects to your existing home security system using a very simple wire clip system for the easiest version of the install and generally is a very user-friendly guided process that took our team less than 30 minutes to get up and running. You can also check out their very straightforward YouTube installation videos or reach out to their very responsive tech. support team for help.

Once installed, the system works by essentially redirecting security notifications to your smartphone, trusted neighbors and even professional monitored security services (additional fees apply) and can even work during a blackout thanks to an embedded no-cost cellular sim that ensures connectivity. All these factors combine to provide the end user with on-demand home monitoring.

The best part about Safe is that it essentially eliminates monthly monitoring fees and long-term contracts saving you money. The unit is purchased for a one-time fee of $299 CAD and that is it, you install and connect. One thing we really liked was that it can also be controlled using Amazon’s own Alexa connected service, Google Home and more. We were also rapt by the almost instant notifications to our smartphones when anomalies were detected and the promise of a connected Neighborhood of Safe systems creating an extended protective net over your town is a cool concept providing everyone buys in to the notion. Lastly, it is worth noting though that Safe by HUB6 can only work with Honeywell or DSC existing hardware here in Canada and not all models are supported, so please check your system before you buy.


To conclude, we are big proponents of companies that not only want to save you money but do it in a way that doesn’t involve taking something that is functioning perfectly well and “upgrading it” just to get some new features. The team at HUB6 have created the proverbial “better mouse trap” and for a reasonable one-off fee, you are getting all the conveniences of a smarter home without the monthly cost.

BUY yours here – Safe by HUB6 – Smart Home Monitoring with No Monthly Fees | Use Your Existing DSC Alarm System


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