Closca Collapsible Bicycle Helmet

Created to attenuate impact to the head in the event of an accident, for nearly half a century, the bicycle helmet has remained largely unchanged since its conception by Bell Auto Parts, widely recognized as the original creator. Sure, there are different shapes and designs based on the purpose of the rider, but sometimes real change comes from those people that have a thirst for innovation and are not intimidated by market trends, that company is – Closca – and their collapsible bike helmet is a testament to this philosophy.

Closca’s clean and timeless products seamlessly integrate into our society while bringing welcome change than can transform the way we think about existing technologies. The Red Dot Design Award winner have set their sights on revolutionizing the classic bicycle helmet with their unique Closca Helmet and Closca Helmet Loop.


The Closca Helmet is unlike any other helmet we have ever tried because it can collapse to 50% of its size and is perfect for commuting. Its lightweight design too, coming in at a mere 250g, makes this perfect for stowing in backpacks and briefcases. While in use, the helmet safely locks in position keeping you safe, in fact, the helmet itself meets EN1078 and CPSC safety standards in Europe, Asia and North America. It also has a unique ventilation system built into the fold lines to increase breathability and a brilliant interchangeable visor (original only) that not only looks great but is practical too!

One thing we really loved was the inclusion of an NFC chip, that allows you to register your data and with the tap of a smartphone, others can view your pertinent contact information in the event of an accident. The helmet, too, is also very comfortable, which is thanks in part to what could be the best elastic rear adjustment band ever put in a helmet of this sort, ensuring a perfect fit every time!

Their more budget friendly Closca Loop Helmet comes with many of the same features as the original but also some great color combination options. It too, meets the double safety standards of the original and has the same clever rear adjustment system for added comfort. We can’t overstate how such a simple feature is so effective, it literally makes this helmet so versatile and ensures the perfect fit for every head size and shape. One thing of note is that the Loop helmet seems to have a more streamlined design in our eyes, it is less ‘dome’ shaped than the original, we do like this. This helmet would be more suitable to those who like to ride fast and want better aerodynamics.

To sum up, Closca, have truly innovated a product that desperately needed it. No one likes lugging around a heavy cumbersome helmet with them to work or while commuting. Both of their offerings are stylish, super protective and best of all are supremely comfortable and for that reason, we have no problem highly recommending their helmets as great options for cyclists.

BUY yours here – Closca Collapsible Helmet w/ Grey Visor | White – Large


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