Fret Zealot – The Better Way to Learn Guitar!

I have always wanted to learn how to play guitar and even tried teaching myself a few times thanks to some uninspiring YouTube Videos. At one point, I even cashed in my high school brass trumpet at a hock shop and bought a steel string acoustic guitar in an idea that allegedly came to me in a dream…that too was an uneventful failure on my part. So, when I heard about Fret Zealot, a device you install on an existing guitar that can teach you the fundamentals using just light, I knew we had to review it!

Fret Zealot works on all full-size guitars providing the scale length of your make or model is between 24.75″ and 25.6″ and essentially is a series of LED light strips placed on the frets that turn your instrument into a smart guitar. The strips themselves are about half the size of the fret as to not interfere with your playing while the full color spectrum LED lights change colors according to style and tone of the song your learning, to show you where to place your fingers.

The system works to teach novice users major, minor and progressive scales as well as the major chords plus notes A through G and all the flats and sharps in between. This is paired with Fret Zealot’s own very intuitive app that allows users full granular control over light customization, can provide accurate tuning and even allows you to search for your favorite songs to make learning fun for all.

One thing we love about this system is that it takes a lot of the guess work out of guitar tuition. We especially love the AI Mode on the app, where the Fret Zealot will go at your pace, listening for you to play the correct note or chord before advancing you to the next. Better yet, there also lessons users can follow and any time the instructor plays something, your Fret Zealot will light up and follow every move! We can stress enough; how much easier it is to learn when you can see on the guitar itself where your fingers need to be placed. Fret Zealot is doing something many others aren’t, they are trying to make learning a new instrument fun and easy for any age group. Installation was a little tricky, but rest assure, there are some very helpful videos on YouTube to help and the Fret Zealot support team are awesome.

The team at Fret Zealot have created something special here, it could in fact revolutionize guitar instruction all together. It is an intuitive system that is superbly brilliant at teaching anyone how to channel their inner rock god. So how did we do? Take a listen.

BUY yours here – Fret Zealot LED Guitar Learning Accessory – EASIEST and BEST Method to Learn To Play a Guitar for All Levels, Best Fit for 24.75″ Scale Length Guitars, IOS & Android App included


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