Langogo – A.I Powered Pocket Translator!

Traveling the world can be new and exciting but at the same time a daunting experience as language barriers often mean conversation and comprehension of the people and their culture literally get “lost in translation”. Langogo, wants to change all that with their World First real-time two-way translation device that is powered by some powerful A.I smarts.

For some time now, other translation devices on the market have been hindered by inaccuracy and limited word banks, connectivity concerns as the correct word is accessed online and lastly, slow one-way communication between sender and receiver. The team at Langogo however, are on a mission to offer language product and services for global travelers and effectively remove language barriers while bringing more convenience to your trips and they have achieved this fete with their Langogo device.

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However, Langogo is more than just a translation tool, it is the Swiss army knife of travel devices and not only works as a translation assistant but also provides weather information, currency conversion, navigation options and even general trip advice. The svelte device weighs a tiny 115g and fits in the palm of your hand, it has a strong polycarbonate frame and Asahi tempered glass for added protection. The device is powered by a 2200mah battery which equates to an entire day of translating while abroad.

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What makes Langogo different though is that it uses A.I technology to gradually become more intelligent. It already can speak 60+ languages but is constantly adapting the vernacular as it engages with different language speakers. It also can self-learn as it with its embedded Fusion Technology Engine that allows it to connect to 24 of the most popular leading and local translation engines including Google! The real icing on the cake though must be the embedded cloud sim-based technology which allows you to connect to 4g networks in 72 different countries free of charge in the first year and can even act as a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 6 devices! This allows world travelers the convenience of always being able to access the translation and navigation tools embedded within.

After using the device on a recent business trip, two things really surprised us and made us think that the company has struck gold with this one. Firstly, is the speed of translation, it is damn near instantaneous and is on par with having someone there with you that speaks the language, this was seriously impressive. Also, the ease of use and accuracy are especially noteworthy, you simply select the languages, speak and pass to the other person and language barrier is no more! We never had one instance of a mistranslation or it not working the first time, every time. Lastly, no need to worry about the speaker, it is clear and loud even on busy city streets!

Langogo may have just revolutionized the travel industry by taking away traveler anxiety when it comes to seeing the world and meeting new people and cultures. It is superbly brilliant at what it does and is a must have for every globe trotter!

BUY yours here – Langogo Pocket AI Translator with Global WiFi Hotspot for Travel, 105 Languages Instant Two-Way Voice Translator Device, Built-in eSIM, 3.1inch Retina Display, Noise-Cancelling, White


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