HONOR Band 4

If you are not someone that wears your fitness tracker like a badge of honor, showing off to the world that you are trying your dandiest to be fitter but rather prefer something more subtle, classy and perhaps even something that looks sexier on the wrist; then you need to look no further than the HONOR Band 4.

While the company HONOR may only have been around since 2013, they have made their presence known in the smartphone and technology space. Their simple philosophy and desire to create stylish, high-performance products with cutting-edge design for young people everywhere, have garnered them many fans around the world and keeps growing.


Their 4th generation fitness band is a testament to their drive to innovate and bring quality products to the youth of today at an affordable price. Looking like the love child of an Apple watch and a Fitbit Charge, this stunning wearable features a stunning full color AMOLED screen paired with beautiful 2.5D curved and chemically strengthened glass, a uber comfortable silicone band and is fully waterproof up to 50m with a battery that can last up to 2 weeks on a single charge.

It also features some powerful fitness tracking technology, the band itself can monitor real-time heart rate, step count, sleep, distance traveled, and calories burned but most wearables do that. Where the HONOR band 4 really shines is its ability to track a swim. In fact, this is one of the few wearables out there we would recommend for swimmers that want true swimming metrics. This band alone can automatically recognize swim strokes, record swimming speed, distance, calories, and determine average SWOLF.


Better yet, it also has some powerful sleep tracking metrics too, in fact, the HONOR band 4 is Certified by the Center for Dynamical Biomarkers (DBIOM) at Harvard Medical School and using Huawei’s own TruSleep™ sleeping monitoring technology it is capable of identifying and providing data on common sleeping issues, such as insomnia, light and deep sleep cycles and irregular sleeping habits.

Lastly, you also get some welcome smartwatch additions incoming call and text notifications and the band even transforms into a remote control to take photos, especially selfies. However, the cherry on top must be the price – $59.99 – Yes, you read that right! All these great features for less than a tank of gas. How could we not recommend it?

Get yours at https://www.banggood.com/Huawei-Honor-Band-4-095-AMOLED-25D-Swim-Posture-Detect-HR-Sleep-Snap-Monitor-Smart-Watch-Bracelet-p-1349444.html?ID=224&cur_warehouse=HK

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