Form Augmented Reality Swim Goggles

For some time now, the sport of swimming has been relegated to the red hair step child of the fitness tracking world. Most options on the market, while they do offer some form of logging swimming metrics, are often redundant and inaccurate lap and distance measurements that can only be tracked by wearing something bulky on the one limb you need to swim, your arm and correspondingly the wrist. This just isn’t convenient. The team at Form, want to change all that, by giving swimmers a world first heads up display built right into the swim goggles themselves that provides some commanding data on your swim.

Design wise, these look unassumingly like every other pair of swim goggles I have ever seen, besides, the smart module attached to one side of the anti-fog lenses with eye seals made of ultra-durable, FDA-certified silicone. The fully reversible module itself has just two simple buttons to select menus and power on the device, and a simple but effective magnetic charging port all encased in an obvious water proof design. One thing we appreciated was Form’s inclusion of different sized nose bridges so that the end user can customize the goggles for the perfect fit and the adjustable head strap is also sufficient in keeping the goggles securely placed on your head. All in all, we like the design and never had issues with fit, finish or water leakage during our review period.

Once we had adjusted the goggles to our liking, we headed to the pool to test the promised AR capabilities. Inside one lens we saw what Form is being praised for, real projected and customizable data that you set and can see in front of your vision while you swim. Letters and numbers looked crisp and detailed, but it should be noted, it took us a few seconds to adjust our vision to focus on the projection and then learn to ignore it and focus on the swim thereafter. It’s a small adjustment but expected in this first-generation product. Pre-swim, using the button on the module, users can set the pool length and then select options to track laps, complete interval training and more. The intelligent technology built into the goggles themselves also allows the corresponding Form app to identify stroke type, end of lane turns and even rest periods. It can even provide calorie burn metrics, distance traveled and even pace data. These things are smart!

Post swim, data is synced to the app and users can see information like time splits, length counts, stroke rate and more and with over 16 hours of battery life and the capability to log over 200 swims, immediate syncing is not necessary, which we appreciate. The data provided within the super easy to use app we found to be much more accurate than our go to Garmin fitness watch and the ability to challenge friends and other swimmers based on my level of training, makes this a lot of fun!

Form have simply knocked it out of the park with this first-generation augmented reality product. It provides accurate and thorough swim data unseen on any other fitness tracking device we have used. If you are serious about your swimming and want the best product currently on the market to log your data, Form has you covered. For this reason, it is our Product of the Month for September!

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