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More and more do we find ourselves starring at screens, whether it be from that computer screen at work, a smartphone on the train or gaming against our friends. As a result, we as consumers need to understand the importance of protecting our eyes from artificial blue light and digital eye strain while time spent in front of digital devices is on the rise. The folks at GUNNAR Optiks may in fact have the solution with their line of prescription eyewear designed that can block harmful blue light and 100% of UV light.

GUNNAR, is the only patented gaming and computer eye-wear recommended by doctors to protect and enhance your vision and can address all short and long-term side effects of digital eye strain, including: headaches, dry eyes, blurry vision, glare, the negative effects of artificial blue light, eye strain and fatigue. This results in improved clarity, focus and performance in completing day to day technology-based tasks.


Given the time I spend in front of computers doing this job and my own unfortunate farsightedness, I thought the best way to test these claims is to review their popular Intercept prescription frames. Specifically designed to reduce blue light intake, this modern and lightweight one-piece design is hand crafted with engineering grade injection polymers and comes complete with a comfort curved nose rest and multi barrelled hinges that provides a stable and functional fit for long-term wear.

The lenses too are quite unique, the team at GUNNAR offer three different types of lenses – a common single vision prescription; a multi-focal corrective lens and a progressive lens designed especially for computer-based careers. On top of this, they also offer consumers a massive 6 different levels of blue light protection or BLPF, with everything from a discreet clear lens all the way to amber transition lenses which can protect eyes from digital screens both inside and out. This versatility is a welcome change from an eye-wear company and shows the company is committed to providing a solution for every need and every set of eyes.

We were fortunate enough to try the Amber tint variant, with its slightly yellow hue that is the best all round solution for protecting eyes and improving performance. We absolutely love that the lenses themselves were anti reflective and silicone coated to prevent scratching as we are constantly throwing our frames onto tables and benches. We also noticed immediately that the amber option tends to warm the color tone of what your eyes are seeing, akin to something like Night Shift on an iPhone, the intent here being to reduce blue light entering the eye.

So, the real question is do these lenses do as promised? Unequivocally yes! There has been a lot of literature about the negative effects of blue light and the increased problems associated with eye strain from use of technology. In our experience, wearing these frames this past month, we found our eyes getting less fatigued after a 10-hour day in front a computer, we also discovered that we slept a lot better which is a by-product of reducing UV light and largely felt overall more focused on tasks at hand.

At the end of the day, this eye-wear from GUNNAR could potentially reduce the chance of macular degeneration or damage to the light-sensitive cells in the retina causing permanent vision damage. If you spend countless hours in front of technology, why risk it when you know you can get a great looking pair of frames and some innovative lenses that can help your eye health.

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