Untuckit Shirts

If you are fortunate enough to work in an environment that favours more casual attire, then you know how much more comfortable your work day can be. It is acceptable for shirts to be worn over jeans rather than the stuffy, restrictive dress shirts that normally accompany suits. The folks at Untuckit, want to outfit you this Winter with their line of premium button-down shirts that are meant to be worn untucked!


Now, finding the right shirt that can in fact be worn untucked is no easy feat, it must be just the right length, fits all shapes and sizes, and help you look sharp—even at your most casual. The team behind Untuckit, set out to create a line of shirts that would provide a polished look and casual feel that had the goldilocks effect – it needed to be ‘just right’. They achieved this desire by changing some of the fundamental design elements of your typical button down such as altering the length; giving it a contoured hemline; reinforcing the collars and even a signature sail. The result is a shirt that looks great!

We were foruntate enough to try three of their more popular styles this past month, starting with Luxee Tee Hybrid Shirt. This brilliant offering by Untuckit, has the look and feel of a stylish button down but wears like a t-shirt. Made from 100% American grown Supima cotton, as all their shirts are, the shirt not only feels great but is also wrinkle resistant and pairs perfectly with a dark pair of denim jeans for a sophisticated yet casual look.

The Pomerol shirt is a clean and crisp looking plaid shirt with similar wrinkle resistance and signature navy blue sail hem. The point collar on this variant has a more business casual look and looks great with a pair of khakis or chinos. Lastly, the Black Stone, is more of a traditional looking dress shirt that again is designed to be worn over the top of your pants and has a silkier appearance, shiny buttons and a spread collar, it is the perfect transition shirt for those used to wearing dress shirts and suits all day long.

To sum up, Untuckit shirts have made us rethink our definition of what stylish yet casual means, all their shirts are made to custom fit you and in fact come in many different sizing and stylings that you are guaranteed to love. If you are sick and tired of feeling tied in, restricted and just want to let it all hang loose but still look good doing it, then take a look at Untuckit shirts for yourself and embrace that stylish yet casual look!

Get yours at www.untuckit.com

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