CZUR ET18Pro Book Scanner

Designed for the modern workplace environment, the ET18PRO Book scanner by CZUR aims to revolutionize the way we interact with documents by turning them into high quality digital reproductions.

The team behind the scanner – CZUR – believes that technology can provide convenience at work through continuous improvement and innovation. Their Smart Book Scanner aims to provide simple, intelligent and fast scanning performance of all books, magazines, contracts and any paper documents within seconds all the while being able to be exported in the most convenient digital formats including PDF, Word and Jpeg to name a few.


The ET18PRO makes this possible by using a top of the line 18MP Sony Camera with a CMOS sensor, their patented laser flattening technology and powerful optical character recognition software to allow almost instantaneous access to your scanned document. In fact, it is so quick, the company promises it can scan an entire 300-page book in under 10 minutes, where was this thing when I was photocopying my University textbooks because I was too broke to buy them? You can even scan full color photos and glossy magazine covers thanks to 2 High-Quality supplementary lights that help reduce glare.

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However, it is their laser technology that truly sets this book scanner apart from others on the market. It works by essentially emitting 3 laser beams, forming horizontal laser lines on curved book page, and acquiring a 2D planar. By computing the angles at the intersection of the laser beams and the scanning platform, a 3D spatial curve of the laser lines can be obtained. Finally, it will flatten the 3D curved surface after pixel transformation to complete flattening of the book page. The result is an ultra high-quality scan of any document that is free of imperfections like bent pages or seams and they look great! It also worth noting that their ABBYY Powerful Optical Character Recognition software can recognise 180+ languages and even allows users to edit your scanned materials right after scan (crop, adjust sharpness, contrast, thickness, etc.) before exporting.

To sum up, the versatility of the ET18Pro is what makes this such an easy recommendation for us, especially if your workplace is trying to play catchup in this digital world of ours. The scans it produces are of a very high quality and are largely unmatched by other conventional scanners. The use cases for this type of product are far and wide from offices to schools and more and for that reason, it is worth checking one out for yourself!

BUY yours here – CZUR Professional Document Scanner ET18-P, Fast Recognition Scanner, 18MP High Definition, A3 Size Capture, 186 Languages OCR, Patented “Laser-Based Image Flattening” Technology


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