Echelon Reflect Smart Mirror

We have all said it “My diet starts tomorrow” and with January being the busy season in gyms around the world with people trying to fulfil flailing New Years Resolutions of getting fit, sometimes it is just more convenient to go at it alone from the comfort of your home. Echelon Reflect, is an innovative new product that has set it sights firmly on revolutionizing the home fitness industry with something completely fresh in this space.

The Reflect looks like an ordinary 40-inch house mirror, clean and minimalistic that suits most design aesthetics but turn it on and it transforms into an interactive video fitness training system with a built-in set of personal training regimens for everything from Boxing to Zumba. The device literally reflects the activities back to you and act as your own personal fitness coach.


This comprehensive and interactive home gym promises to redefine what it means to workout in your living room. Users can view their reflection on screen as your digital trainer guides you step by step to ensure your form and technique is accurate for the best results possible. This experience is also paired with the Echelon Reflect app that keeps track of your output for the ultimate individualized experience, you can even compete against your friends and best your own personal challenges and goals.

The app also provides real-time, personalized stats on your heart rate, calories burned, abilities, goals, and more, which we absolutely love. However, the real star of the show is Echelon’s own embedded “Heart-Track” technology that tracks your biometrics and shows your continuous heart rate throughout a workout. When compared to our usual Apple Watch benchmarks, the Reflect went toe to toe with Apple’s own in terms of accuracy and that was very impressive. For the real fitness fanatics, you also have the option to join the Echelon Community, a subscription-based service that offers the latest on-demand live classes, access to world class trainers and more.

The Echelon Reflect really is quite the innovative new product in the fitness world. In fact, our only real gripe with the Reflect is its price tag, at $1000 this is sadly out of reach for most average middle-class consumers, especially considering that gyms can be accessed for less than $10 per month. Add in the $39 monthly community subscription and we would sadly say it is just not worth it unless you really hate working out around other people. This is not to say this is a bad product because in fact we think it is great, but understand that this is a premium fitness tool with equally premium prices, and you need to know that going in.

BUY yours here – Echelon

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