Product Spotlight: January 2020

Occasionally, products will stumble across our desks here at One Cut that will get our attention because of how unique and different they are, often offering consumers an alternative to what is already for sale in stores.

We feel it is our responsibility to inform our readers about these great choices and shine a light on their merits as they vie for attention in the marketplace.

Here are our picks for January.

Loma Living Burnside Bike Rack


With Winter in full effect here in the North, one question many are left with is how to best store your bicycle in the off season? Fortunately, the folks at Loma Living, don’t want you to hide it away but rather turn it in to a focal piece for the entire room with their stunning Burnside bike rack.

Made from pure and premium clear coated real Mahogany, the stunning minimalist design of the Burnside is what really gets peoples’ attention. Looking a lot like a simple wall mounted shelf, your bike’s top tube rests securely in a recessed notch and the shelf space above can be used for your helmet, lock, or other accessories.

Easy to install, the rack can hold up to 30 pounds of weight and is perfect for storing road bikes, fixed gear and track bikes.

Session Goods Pipe

FireShot Capture 029 - Pipe – Session Goods -

Aiming to bring some class and luxury to the classic pipe design, the Session Pipe is beautiful, functional, and unapologetically simple.

Made from black tinted borosilicate glass that looks just great and featuring a convenient flat base and molded feet allowing the device to sit upright or lay flat, Session Goods’ redesign on this smoking apparatus makes this perfect compact, classy and ready to go anywhere pipe.

Best of all it comes with a custom designed silicone sleeve with keyring attachment that not only protects the pipe when attached to bags or purses but also conceals it from prying eyes.



With four trillion non-degradable plastic bags used globally every year, Bagpodz is a new eco friendly way to go grocery shopping, offering a brilliant alternative to the environment damaging plastic variant still being provided in stores.

These brilliant reusable bags are small enough to keep stored away in your vehicle’s glove box or under a seat so they’re ready to use anytime and come in a super convenient carry case that can be attached easily to your shopping cart.

The bags themselves are also water resistant and made from Bluesign® certified material that’s low impact, eco-friendly and sustainably produced with stringent safety standards.

Available in packs of 5 or 10 and a variety of colors, this simple product is affordable enough that we as consumers could change the world for the better!



The team at Corewear have created what may be the worlds’ best undershirt for men that promises to define your muscles, slim down the waist, transform your chest and improve posture.

Made from a breathable 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex blend, complete with a reinforced collar and seams, this is essentially a compression shirt that sucks everything in and wicks away sweat.

It also features what they call PostureMAX compression zones that gently pull your shoulders back, improving your posture for you.

With many positive consumer reviews, they are not cheap but make you look great!

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