Food-E Series: The Food Quotient

This February, we are launching a brand-new episodic series of reviews here at One Cut all about the best local places to eat when visiting a new city. We will showcase some of the best food options each restaurant has to offer and give our honest opinion on which ones we ourselves recommend. Our very first restaurant comes just outside of Toronto and features fresh weekly meals, prepared dinners and even custom catering, that place is – The Food Quotient.

The Food Quotient located about half an hour outside of Toronto and has quickly become one of our favorite places to eat at. Best described as Asian-Indian fusion, it is the evolution of Head Chef Maneesh’s journey to provide delicious meals and bring global flavours to those who are tired of sacrificing health for convenience. Its food that not only tastes great but is made with no preservatives or artificial colours and flavours, like mom used to make!

One thing that immediately strikes you about TFQ is how versatile their menu is with vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and halal food options that are microwave or oven ready. One thing that immediately got this vegans attention is just how many vegan choices there were besides the usual “salad” and was much appreciated. However, it is not just about the variety on the menu, it’s the sense of home one gets when ordering from there. Recipes feel authentic, like they have been passed down through the generations and have a true family feel that have improved upon for those with discerning taste buds. They are also incredibly affordable for what you are getting, whether it is made fresh or bought for the week, it always tastes healthy and fresh.

The company also recently launched their latest line of Prepared Meals that are brilliantly simple to heat and serve. A few highlights for us included their FQ Mediterranean bowl made with Falafel and black bean patties on baked Spanish rice, with za’atar style skillet roasted veggies, homemade tomato salsa, roasted beetroot, braised kale and a homemade vegan garlic tahini and vegan ranch dressing. We were also fans of their Vegan Chilli made with a medley of 6 different types of beans and bulgur. Lastly, their Vegan Mac and Cheese was a revelation with their very tasty homemade cheese sauce folded in elbow macaroni and served with our homemade creamless creamy tomato soup.

To sum up, if you are looking for a meal that is not only fresh, good for you and feels homemade then there really isn’t a better option than The Food Quotient. Their menu has loads of variety and rarely missteps in what they offer the public, especially those with specialized diets, like yours truly. So, drop in, or order in via Uber Eats or Skip the Dishes and taste authentic real food tonight!

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