Miko Yugen Foot Massager

With all the panic that the Covid-19 virus is causing globally, chances are you are spending more time than usual at home. So, why not make being a home body even more enjoyable with an affordable foot massager complete with acupressure technology that promises to relax you from the toes up. The Yugen foot massager by Miko checks all the right boxes when it comes to relaxation from the comfort of home.


By now you probably know the benefits of a good foot massage, including – relieving aches and pains, calming the mind and even increasing your energy. However, many available on the market today are outrageously priced or perform below standard, leading to a sub-par experience. The Yugen (literally translated as “awareness”) is a Shiatsu foot massager that promises and delivers on its ability to massage key pressure points in your feet, so that you’ll find yourself calmer and more aware of the world around you.

The slim, light and portable design of the Yugen means this is the perfect gift for at home or on the go and uses a combination of Acupressure nodes, heat and compression to target your pressure points and release built up tension.
Designed for those with small to medium sized feet, the Yugen with its adjustable speed and intensity settings, will roll, knead and relieve your tired feet and has proven worthwhile in helping us relax after a long day, and even assist us in getting a good night’s sleep in our time period testing the device.


The biggest draw card to this device is its very affordable price of just $99, for what this machine offers to the consumer, you are getting many of the most requested features of a device of this nature for a fraction of the price. You no longer have to pay an hourly rate to get a foot massage, thanks to the Yugen, you can get the same level of relaxation without leaving your home and in times like this of uncertainty, anxiety and stress in the world, that seems like a pretty good deal to us.

BUY yours here – Miko Foot Massager Machine with Acupressure Technology, Multi-Pressure Settings and Dynamic Heat- Helps Relieve Pain from Plantar Fasciitis, Neuropathy, and Diabetes- Yugen


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