There are all kinds of great art that can look good when put on display in your home, however, a testament to where you have come from or where you are going is a map of your hometown. Customaps, allows you to create and customize your very own map of any area in the world and are the perfect addition to any space.

Using their customized map builder, a very friendly online user tool, customers can create their very own map and control the design elements the way that you want! Anywhere on the globe, at any zoom level: change the colors, add icons to locate your favorite spots, show or hide street and city names, write a special note and much more!

Created by two Canadians, the data is taken directly from combined with Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing satellite imagery to produce maps that are incredibly accurate, detailed and look great! Best of all, with the ability to customize the design, you can make them into posters and even peel and stick or pre-pasted wallpaper for your home.

One thing we particularly enjoy about Customaps is the ability to upload your own route to any map. Data from KML or GPX files can be downloaded directly into the online tool and a route will be inputted directly on to your poster or wallpaper. This very Indiana Jones style add-on really makes this map your own and can highlight that trip around Europe or backpacking across Australia you did and more with ease.

To sum up, this is an affordable and distinct way to customize wall space in your home. The final product is of exceptionally high quality at the very affordable pricing Customaps offers this service for. If you don’t want to be like everyone else out there that just “paints” their walls, these maps can liven up any space and remind you of all the places you have been or will go in the near future.

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