Sockwa – More than just socks!

For many years, footwear manufacturers have been trying to make a pair of shoes that fit like a pair of socks, striving for support and above all else comfort. The folks at Sockwa, took a different approach, what started out as a product designed to protect the feet of athletes competing in beach sports, has now evolved into the ultimate low profile hybrid sock, offering all the comfort of socks but the durability needed to be worn as a pair of shoes.

Their original product proved to be so popular with this select group of people, that consumers were having a tough time taking them off and started wearing them everywhere, as a result, this sparked the imagination of the creators of Sockwa, to add a plastic sole to the bottom making this product much more accessible and appealing to a wider variety of low profile footwear consumers.


Designed to accommodate barefoot runners, watersport athletes and all types of fitness users, similar to other products on the market they are targeting consumers that not only want the conveniences of a low profile training shoe/sock but also something that is comfortable to just slip on for everyday use. Working on the principle of Proprioception, the design of Sockwa means that athletes can perform better and feel more of the world around them, and thus begin to try and master them. As the creators would put it – “When we feel more with the sensors in the soles of our feet, we can react to more of the inputs and therefore output balance, strength, skills and accolades in sports and elsewhere accordingly”.

Available in the classic beach sock or minimalist shoe form, the difference between the two is quite simple: Their beach sock is designed for activities that are on predominantly softer surfaces like sand, grass or sea and are for those that want some basic protection for the soles of their feet. Their minimalist shoe follows the same principle and is still built like a sock but features a plastic sole to offer greater protection on harder surfaces without sacrificing comfort. Coming in a variety of colors, both are very versatile and are machine washable thanks to the upper Neoprene sides and toe with Lycra tongue for breathability and stretch-ability.

After wearing their minimalist shoe on and off, we must admit we are big fans! We love the convenience these bring when needing to duck down to the store or even just strolling around the house (which we have been doing a lot lately). They are not only incredibly comfortable, but the plastic sole is reassuring for tender feet and we find ourselves gravitating towards these more than we thought. Needless to say, these will be great in the coming warmer months as they are not only breathable but just easy to use and right now, we all need a little easy in our lives!

BUY yours here – Sockwa G4 Minimal Shoes Black W6/M5


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