XP-Pen Deco Pro

When it comes to graphic design, a drawing tablet is second to none when it come to a war chest of tools needed to your job efficiently. However, not all are created equal, the folks at XP-Pen have created a universally compatible graphics drawing tablet that brings some exciting new features to the world of digital creation.

The 2-year consecutive winner of product design at the Red Dot Design and Good Design Awards, XP-Pen are no rookies when it comes to bringing artists into the digital age. In fact, for the past 14 years, XP-Pen has been dedicated to the research, design, production, and marketing of digital tablets and have become synonymous with this category.

Their Deco Pro builds on this heritage with a masterfully minimalistic and sleek graphics tablet that is just 7mm thin and has a premium aluminium casing. Available in both 9 and 11 inch sizes and powered by future proof USB-C connectivity, the tablet features a unique double wheel design with trackpad functionality allowing a unique zoom in and zoom out function of your canvas, while the inner wheel can be used for scrolling up or down. It is also equipped with an indicator light and adjustable brightness levels plus four programmable shortcut buttons, making this a digital creators dream.


One thing we appreciate about the Deco pro is the ability to tilt the digital canvas up to 60 degrees, allowing for a more natural and comfortable movement of the hand and stylus while creating. This was an ergonomic change we didn’t expect or know we needed. Speaking of the stylus, the Deco Pro comes with a brilliant battery free and wireless one that has a quick toggle button to switch between pen or eraser and with the up to 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity on the digital canvas itself, these two elements combined lend for some brilliant control and accuracy that is unparalleled by other options currently on the market.

To sum up, there is a reason that XP-Pen has established themselves in the graphic drawing tablet market. They create premium, accurate, affordable products with a focus on productivity for those that create and for anyone that is currently working from home on projects that require this tool, you simply need to look no further.

BUY yours HERE


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