Corepump – The Ultimate at home Workout Machine!

With gyms and recreation centers around the world closed because of COVID, chances are you are finding new and different ways to keep fit while at home. Nonetheless, this poses its own challenges, especially the constant access to the refrigerator for one. However, the creators of Corepump want to make your new fitness journey even more manageable with their compact and hydraulic at home workout machine.

The first thing we noticed about the Corepump is just how compact it is, the base footprint is just 2×2, meaning this can fit into any or all spaces with ease. More importantly, it is apocalypse safe because it requires no electricity or drilling into floors. It is also remarkably sturdy with its all metal construction and it effectively passes the “wife” test, being whisper quiet so she and the children are not woken by incessant clanking.

A big appeal of the Corepump machine is its promise to safely target the 4 pillars of fitness: cardiovascular training, strength, core, and flexibility and it has the facts to back this up. With 60 different handle positions, 6 different levels of resistance and a plethora of accompanying exercises, it works by using Isokinetic resistance to provide a workout twice as hard as traditional resistance exercises without the delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) that accompanies a tough conventional workout. This type of resistance, too, allows for smoother, less jerky movement to promote better aerobic and anaerobic health.

One thing we love about the Corepump is that because the machine uses smart resistance, this means that it constantly changes depending on how much you put into it, always keeping your muscles guessing and engaged. It also recently has been certified as a healthcare device used to strengthen cardiovascular & cardiopulmonary health, which is especially useful for the elderly or those recovering from health conditions of this nature as it is low impact.

After using this machine extensively while self isolating this past 6 weeks, it has become an integral part of our fitness regime. It has become essential in accompanying our existing routine of boxing and cycling two to three times a week and has helped engage those muscle groups that otherwise would not be activated during these types of workouts. As a result, we feel stronger and have noticed some big increases in our overall endurance. Our only gripe though is that the machine is quite expensive for something designed for home use, if they can bring the price below $1000, this could challenge the Bow flexes of the world and probably beat them at their own game.

If you are looking for an all in one fitness machine that is low impact but still targets all your health needs, this may be the one for you.

BUY yours here – CorePump Functional Trainer Home Gym


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