Time Concepts 420 Waldos Watch

Chances are, this past Monday, you may have celebrated what has now become synonymous around the world as – 420, a day to recognize and celebrate the smoking of marijuana as countries around the world move forward to legalize the use of cannabis. Correspondingly, the folks at Time Concepts would like to celebrate this yearly event with their line of wristwatches celebrating the history of 420, introducing the 420 Waldos collection.

The history behind this event is largely the inspiration for the Waldos 420 watch line, dating back to the 1970’s, 5 teens from California known as the Waldos would meet regularly at 4:20 to partake in some “extra curricular” activities and get high. Overtime, the 420 name gets picked up and a day of celebration is planned paying homage to these trailblazers every year. Time Concepts wanted to get on board with this movement and are no amateurs when it comes to the watchmaking business. In fact, they have been developing watches for more than a decade, and its owners for more than 30 years.


What sets this company apart from other “Swiss Made” watch companies are the fact that they recognize it is not where the watch is made but how. Since components for most Swiss Made watches are made in China, imported to Switzerland, assembled in Switzerland with a Swiss movement, and then defined as ‘Swiss Made’, the big differences from one watch to another is the quality of the components, the quality of the assembly facility itself, and attention to detail in the manufacturing process. Time Concepts focus their attention on using only the highest quality components in the right way, all their watches are made in a dust-free clean-room environment that is both temperature and humidity controlled, and they even stock all parts in the same environment. Each watch before shipping is quality tested and inspected meaning that any watch you buy from Time Concepts is of the highest quality and it really does show!

The 420 Waldos collection may look like many other watches on the market but have some unique features which make them an exceptional buy starting with the dial. Each 420 Waldos watch features a small Marijuana leaf logo on what they call their Visibile247 watch face, essentially the dial features miniature light crystals making them photoluminescent – expose them to any light source for just 10 minutes and the watch face will glow in the dark for up to 10 hours! However, it doesn’t stop there, each watch is also made a bold 41mm 316L stainless steel case with scratch resistant and hardened mineral glass that is water resistant up to 50m.

Additionally, each watch is powered by the ever-reliable Japan Quartz (Miyota 2039) Three Hand Movement and comes paired with an uber soft genuine leather strap complete with easily changeable pins for quick band changes. Lastly, when you buy a Waldos watch, on the back of the watch, each is inscribed with the insignia – Supporting the Cannabis Movement, firmly showing your belief in the legalization and use of this product around the world!

After wearing the watch this past few weeks, we have come to love the feel on the wrist more than we expected. The band, firstly, is very comfortable and the stainless-steel construction feels strong and long lasting. Despite a few bumps into walls and door frames, the lens is unscathed and best, yet we love that by wearing it, we feel like we are supporting a cause that is important to many people around the world and lastly, the watch just looks great! For these reasons, the Waldos 420 Collection by Time Concepts is worth checking out if you are in the market for a premium well-made watch or just love to support the 420 movement.

Get yours at https://timeconcepts.net/collections/420waldos-bud-series/420

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