Wearsafe – A Modern Day Panic Button

It seems these days that we are tracking everything with Bluetooth enabled tiles strapped on car keys, wallets, phones and more. But what about our own personal safety? Wearsafe, is an innovative personal emergency response tag that is fast, works, and it could save you or the life of someone you care about.

Setting up this discreet and minimalist device could not be any easier, the device clips on to your clothing, bag, shoe or more and pairs with your smartphone using Bluetooth. If you need immediate assistance, you simply push the button and it will reach out to your nominated emergency contacts through their proprietary app, even giving a subtle vibration letting you know your message was seen.

Using the latest GPS technology, the tag records and broadcasts your exact location on a map to your contacts who can then communicate with each other and determine a plan of action like calling the police for help. A unique feature of Wearsafe is that when an alert is activated it also broadcasts audio, so your designated contacts can determine what is going on, this is quite unique as most tags just transmit location data without knowing what is happening at that exact time. Just don’t press the button accidentally like I did when I was in the washroom #workhazard.

With a massive 200-ft range and no extra subscriptions fees or services, this is the type of product that brings welcome piece of mind to young and old, it is also It also includes an amazing warranty, with free battery replacements for life. You simply can’t go wrong with this one.

BUY yours here – Wearsafe Personal Emergency Response Tag Lifetime Edition – Immediate Panic Button – Medical Response Wearable – One Touch Security Alert System (White)


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