Osmo Coding Family

Are your kids getting swirly after staying at home the past 2 months? Then perhaps it’s time to embrace a new norm with a series of hands-on learning games in which players use objects in the real world to interact with the digital world. Osmo’s family of Coding games, will teach your young ones the fundamentals of the new 21st century skill of coding in a way that will feel like they are just playing games.

Osmo is quite unique in the educational game space because they offer a series of engaging and fun activities for all ages that address key learning areas such as math, fundamental physics, spatial relationships, world geography and more. The philosophy behind this type of learning is also quite brilliant, they want your child to foster social-emotional skills like problem-solving, creativity and perseverance; all the ingredients needed to live in our changing socio-economic world. Their Coding Family bundle is a series of three different digital learning activities that range from beginner to advanced.

Their first offering is a fun and friendly game called – Coding Adventures with Awbie, this lovable strawberry loving character takes your child on a digital adventure through different settings, while completing tasks that require children to use tangible coding blocks to navigate him around obstacles and map out his steps from start to finish. Suitable for ages 5 and up, this fan favorite teaches your son or daughter the important skills of things like logic skills and problem solving while building their confidence that they can complete simple but imaginative tasks.

For the more intermediate user around the ages of 6-12, then comes a fun exploration into music with Coding Jam, an interactive game that allows your child to compose their own music arrangement by organizing Osmo’s Coding Blocks into patterns and sequences. This unique offering teaches them the skill of developing an ear for rhythm, melody and harmony. With many different styles of music available, your child’s imagination can run wild creating their own symphony and best yet, they can even share it with their family and friends!
Lastly, Coding Duo is for the more advanced learner that is up for a challenge.

This game teams up Awbie and lovable new character Mo in cooperative game play, and a compelling quest to help a scientist find his lost pets. This exciting game is perfect for those adventure seekers out there and teach children the power of collaboration and the skill of strategizing to complete the mission.

To conclude, Osmo’s learning games are also used in over 30,000 classrooms worldwide and this is a testament to the quality of this learning tool. My 7-year-old has become so adept at shuffling the coding blocks around to solve different challenges before him, that this has now translated into much better real-world organization and problem solving, all the skills a young boy needs to thrive in this increasingly difficult world.

BUY yours here – Osmo – Coding Awbie – Ages 5-12 – Coding & Problem Solving – For iPad or Fire Tablet (Osmo Base Required)


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