Worx 40V Turbine Leaf Blower

Spring means home maintenance time and chances are there is a lot to do, but don’t despair, Worx has the tools you need to get your yard ship shape for the Summer and its starts with their Turbine Cordless leaf Blower.

Built on the principle — to create products that help people take care of their homes, yards and gardens – Worx, is a veteran in home and garden care, their focus is for homeowners to get the job done faster, easier and more efficiently. One of their latest offerings spins out 430 CFM of air power and could blow the asphalt of your driveway (well not exactly, but she is powerful).

FireShot Capture 072 - 40V Power Share TURBINE Cordless Leaf Blower with Brushless Motor - W_ - www.worx.com

The 40V Turbine leaf blower is powered by two 20V rechargeable batteries, included in the box with charger, and features a high efficiency brushless motor offering longer motor life and much quieter usage, paired with a variable speed setting all wrapped up into a light and ergonomic design which is just a joy to use. I used to lament at the constant tangles I would get in my extension cord every time I had to use my previous electric leaf blower, it was easier to just leave the mess on the ground and sadly I did, often killing my grass – but not this year!

Being truly wireless makes this leaf blower a dream to use, its powerful enough to blow away large piles of leaves and other tree or plant debris with comfort but more importantly, a trick I just realized from my neighbour, in the fall when light dustings of snow occur, this bad boy can blow that right off the driveway too. Take that old man Winter!

Worx WG584 Blowing Leaves H

One thing we appreciate about the Turbine leaf blower by Worx is not only is there great battery life, but the batteries also charge swiftly too and best yet, they are interchangeable with any other battery powered Worx device, making this an even better purchase. Best of all, each product comes with a 2-year warranty out of the box.

So, if you are ready to tackle your honey do list and get your yard ready for the Summer festivities, you need to look no further than Worx.

Get yours at https://www.worx.com/en_CA/40v-turbine-cordless-leaf-blower-brushless-motor-wg584.html

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