Jabra Elite Active 65T & Move Headphones

Jabra are no rookies when it comes to making audio products, in fact they created the world’s first Bluetooth® headset over a decade ago and since then have been making strides into the world of premium yet affordable options for consumers that need connectivity and great sound. The Jabra Elite 65T and Move headphones are two options you should consider when shopping for a great pair of wireless earphones.

What sets the Active 65T apart from other offerings currently on the market is that, as the name would imply, these are earphones made for those with an active lifestyle and are perfect for commuting, sport activities and even taking conference calls and it starts with their improved IP56 sweat and dust resistance backed by a 2 year warranty. They also have an impressive 33ft range thanks to the incredibly stable Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and provide all day battery and even the ability to charge quickly them in their own included carry case. They even can track your performance with an integrated motion sensor, they have it all!

Sound quality too is excellent, thanks in part to its acoustical open chamber 6mm speaker design and its 20Hz to 20kHz frequency range. These earphones are non-surprisingly well balanced too with decent bass, clean mid tones and pitch perfect highs and would suit most music types. Telephonic audio quality too, was very good, the high-performance 4xMEM analog microphones provide a beam-forming directional field, letting in audio from only one direction with active noise cancellation working very well, even in busy subway stations. Audible volume too, is also very good, if not too good!

However, what really makes the Jabra Elite 65T unique and standout in the crowd is the Jabra Sound+ app which allows users to fully customize how they want their audio to sound by having access to an advanced equalizer that can control bass, mid and low frequencies. Better yet, users can choose from different pre-sets based on the sound type for a truly great listening experience. Also, of note, is Jabra’s Hear through technology that allows users to customize how much ambient noise they want to hear when sound is being played with the magical fairy dust on top of this awesomeness – one touch access to your phone’s in-built A.I assistant including Siri, Google and Alexa.

For those prefer a more traditional on-ear headphone setup, it is also worth mentioning Jabra’s Move series which brings superior sound quality thanks to its Digital Signal Processing that improves depth and clarity of sounds being heard.

Move, also brings even improved battery life with 14 hours of continuous playback paired with an incredibly comfortable ultra-light adjustable headband and a multi-function button for control of music and calls directly from the headphones themselves. Not forgetting the exceptional 33ft range that its little brother also shares.

Best of all is the audio quality these headphones produce, with its impressive 40mm dynamic speaker in each earphone, sound is all encompassing and has excellent volume while also muting the outside world sufficiently and safely.
Jabra continue to impress with the Active Elite 65T and Move headphone offerings, they are durable, sound great, have stellar battery life and most importantly are affordable. For these reasons, if you are in the market for some wireless earphones that come from a tried and tested brand that work incredibly well, look no further!

BUY the Elite Active – Jabra Elite Active 65t Earbuds – True Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case, Copper Blue –  Bluetooth Earbuds with a Secure Fit and Superior Sound, Long Battery Life and More (100-99010000-02)

Buy the Move – Jabra Move Style Edition, Black – Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Superior Sounds Quality, Long Battery Life, Ultra-Light and Comfortable Wireless Headphones, 3.5 mm Jack Connector Included


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