Ladder Plant Protein

It’s not everyday that sports nutrition supplements get the seal of approval from an all time NBA champion or The Terminator but somehow the folks at Ladder have managed to accomplish this with their line of plant based, vegan NSF Certified for Sport protein supplements.

With a focus on developing supplements that work for both elite athletes and the general public alike, the team at Ladder spent four years developing a range of supplements that are not only safe but focus on taste, performance, and quality. Their methodology is quite brilliant and is based on finding the right fuel for both a pre-workout, to sustain and perform and lastly recover.


Their Pre-Workout supplement is designed to be taken about 30-45 minutes prior to your workout and is about providing the initial energy needed to sustain your intensity. The combination of creatine, beta-alanine, theanine and natural caffeine is perfectly formulated to unlock more energy, increase focus, and reduce fatigue. In our testing, we found this as a perfect alternative to our usual pick me up coffee to get our morning workout started with significantly better results and less fatigue.

Their Hydration option is all about keeping that sustained energy level over a course of a long workout and replacing what is lost so you can keep powering on. The brilliant combination of sodium-potassium-magnesium-calcium-vitamin D-zinc will help you exercise at a higher intensity, go farther, and recover faster. We also love the lemon-lime taste of this one as it replenishes your body with everything you need at just under 60 calories. We are big fans!


Lastly, no workout is complete without the supplements needed to repair those micro-tares in your muscles, so you are ready to do it all over again tomorrow. With both a plant based and whey protein option available here, the essential amino acids (EAAs) and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) helps your body digest the protein and recover faster and more efficiently. Consequently, your body will use protein to support muscle growth or fat loss. The whey protein option is our favorite when it comes to taste, the combination of cocoa and vanilla make it taste like a shake and it is just too good after a workout, you will feel like you are cheating.

Best of all, Ladder also offers some convenient bundles including shaker, so that you can purchase all that you need in a one stop shopping experience and we love that. They also now offer Superfood greens that provides your body with a concentrated dose of the most essential nutrients that are hard to get in your diet.

To conclude, Ladder’s catch phrase “better every day” is quite a fitting way to wrap up our review because that is exactly how we felt after using their supplements and you will too. They have formulated everything you need to work your body to its maximum potential and be able to sustain that overtime in a healthy way.

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