Minut Smart Home Sensor

We have all done it, gone on Amazon looking for an affordable smart home Wi-Fi security system to capture the person stealing your morning newspaper and bought the first foreign made one that costs way less than we expected. Sure, it works fine but at what cost? Where is this data being stored? What information do they now have access to? While most of us use the ignorance is bliss approach to these questions, one company want to help better protect your home with a device that doesn’t collect, store or share personal data. So, you and your guests can relax in total privacy, that product is the Minut Smart Home Monitoring sensor.

It is important to note that Minut is not your run of the mill cheap Wifi camera or security system, in fact, it doesn’t even have a camera, nor does it log or keep any of your recordings. Instead, it offers users the ability to track noise, motion and temperature all at the same time while alerting homeowners with instant notifications and can even use its own sound recognition to detect other alarms going off in your home.


One thing that sets this system apart is just how versatile it is, we had installed in our offices in under 5 minutes and put it through its paces trying to get around its very accurate sensors. What happened next was the Olympic games of – can we fool a smart alarm – and, we spectacularly failed each and every time. We do appreciate however the ability to track things like temperature and humidity of the room, especially when dealing with expensive home office equipment and Minut can even analyse the risk of mold growing in your home or office, users are alerted instantly within the app and even offered suggestions as to how to reduce this risk. It is also important to note that users can set custom thresholds on when to be alerted too, reducing the risk of false positives.

Last and certainly not least, is the ability to set up friends and family connections through the app, which means they will also be alerted in the instance of a Minut notification, allowing them to instantly respond in the event of an emergency which does bring further peace of mind when you are not around. They even offer a monthly subscription for those wanting efficient monitoring of multiple homes by multiple users. The cherry on top being the alarm’s integration with Amazon’s Alexa and Google home assistants.


If you are looking for a smarter way to monitor your home or office when you are not around, they truly don’t get any more versatile or accurate than Minut and for that reason receive our highest recommendation in smart home security.

BUY yours here – Minut Smart Home Sensor, Monitor Noise Levels, Motion, Temperature & More. Wireless & Self-Installed


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