Wicked Audio Arq True Wireless Earbuds

When was the last time you bought something not only because it was good at what it does but also affordable? As consumers, we get so wrapped up in a products’ marketing that we often forget that there is just as good a product at much more affordable prices out there that don’t have the marketing budget of Apple or the Samsung’s of the world. The Arq True Wireless Earbuds by Wicked Audio are a prime example of this, not only do they sound as good or even better than their competitors, they cost a fraction of the price too!


Let’s start with the design, the earphones themselves look classy with their rubberized pill-shaped design that is light and more importantly very comfortable in the ear. Not to mention, the retail package comes with three interchangeable cushion sizes and a button on the housing of each bud, which can be used to pause and play music or answer and hang up phone calls. You also get, as the name implies, true wireless capability with seamless Bluetooth connection, and each earbud can be used together or separately. They also have impressive noise cancellation, a massive 32ft range, and 60 hours of playtime on a single charge!

One thing we believe Wicked Audio has excelled at here is the included charging case which is one of the best we have seen with this type of product. The elongated power bank has a svelte cylindrical construction that fits perfectly into any pocket but more importantly has a massive 2600mAh battery which can charge your earphones and other devices which we think is a design choice other companies need to follow.

Sound-wise, the Arq delivers above-average performance for a product in this price range with punchy bass thanks to its 10mm driver, decent mid-range, and crisp treble for the most part. There was some distortion at higher volumes, but this is common for most wireless earphones and connectivity did not cause any problems for us. All in all, the performance was a B+ and at just $79.99 we all agree here at One Cut that is pretty darn good.

To sum up, if you are looking for a good pair of wireless earphones that deliver on battery and sound quality at an affordable price, you can’t go wrong here!

BUY yours here – Wicked Audio ARQ True Wireless Bluetooth Earbud Headphones


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