Reshape EZSpeedbag

With everything COVID has and will bring us, home workouts have become the norm. Unable to access gyms and fitness centers, many of us have turned to products that offer a similar experience and allow you to get your sweat on. The Reshape EZSpeedbag is the world’s first doorway speedbag offering all the benefits of a boxing circuit in the privacy of your own home!

The first and best thing about the Reshape Speedbag is just how easy it is to install, made in the USA, their patented Solid Flex Stabilizing System allows for stable mounting in any standard doorway, providing rock-solid stability and superior rebounding capability.

Taking less than just 2 minutes, you simply inflate the speedbag; then untwist the ends of the of the frame to the designated size; center the A-frame; connect the doorway bracket and tighten the bar. Lastly, you install the support brackets with a few screws, and you are done. The one thing that impressed us was how sturdy it all was once completed, so much so you could hang off the handles and even use it for chin-ups if need be. It is also worth mentioning that by design it is also quite portable, meaning you can take the EZspeedbag with you wherever you go, offering true versatility unseen in a product like this.

We also appreciate that Reshape also gives you the ability to install a floor attachment as the bag is double-ended allowing you to suspend the speedbag for more workout options, like directional punching, elbow strikes, knees, and kicks. Speaking of workouts, once we had the unit installed, a few quick watches of some very informative speedbag training workouts on YouTube meant we were starting to improve our punching, striking, and co-ordination almost immediately.

After using the EZspeedbag this past month, it has quickly become our favorite at home workout tool. Just 15-30 minutes a day provides you with a solid cardio and strength training routine that will keep you fit an active while at home and with a lifetime warranty, you can rest assure that the price is worth the pay off.

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