Ekster Parliament Wallet

It’s rare here at One Cut Reviews that we unbox something so good that it soon becomes part of our EDC (every day carry) and now, just can’t live without. This is the best way, to sum up our experience with the Parliament wallet by Ekster.

Most young men think of their Fathers when it comes to wallets, you know what I’m talking about – the classic brown leather bi-fold that has every card your dad has ever accumulated (most of them expired), a little cash and about 10,000 receipts shoved in there “just in case”. It is what is modelled to us as young men, a tool of the real man – you never leave home without it. However, wallets have also come a long way in the past 20 years and while they come in different shapes and sizes, they still fill one of the two or three necessary pant pockets on the daily.

You see, the Parliament wallet is not the wallet your pops ever carried, it is designed for the modern man that wants the classic genuine leather wallet but in a slim form with the priority being quick access to your most commonly used cards. Put simply, Ekster has designed the “better mousetrap” here and it is one that every man should have in their pocket and it all starts with the design. Made from genuine handcrafted top-grain quality leather that develops a lovely patina over time, with a stunning two-toned finish, giving the wallet a distinctive look and colour that will endure as the wallet softens, bends and forms to the way it is used, whether in pocket, purse or hand. It looks and feels very classy.

They have also included our absolute favourite feature – a quick release card mechanism that is activated with a push of a solid-state button and fans out your most used cards for reliable and safe access to them. At just 0.3 inches thick and made of fully-anodized aluminum, it also does not make the wallet bulky which we love but the cherry on top is that this particular design cue also means this is an RFID-blocking cardholder preventing you from card skimming or electronic pick pocketing as it also known.

Last but certainly not least is Ekster trying to solve a problem common among most men, constantly misplacing your wallet. Included in the retail package is a solar card sized tracking device that is also voice activated and works with the Google Assistant and Siri. It allows you to track your valuables in long ranges through a global lost-and-found community, or close ranges through a vibrant LED ring that helps you locate it easily through an app. This added bonus is simply brilliant and I cant tell you how many times Google has helped me locate my Parliament wallet when I’m in a rush to get out the door in the morning.

To sum up, you can probably tell from this review we are big fans of this wallet by Ekster, it is slim, very functional and carries no more or no less than you need while keeping you protected and looking great. It is the wallet your father wishes he had when he was your age and put earnestly, you can’t ever go wrong with this one, your dad would be proud!

Get yours at https://ekster.com/


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