Heat Holders Thermal Wear

As we head into the beginning of September, the nights get shorter and a little cooler meaning light jackets and toques are needed to stay warm while sitting on the patio. Heat Holders, want to keep you warm this Fall with their line of socks, hats, base layers, and more that are designed to comfortable and practical.

What started as a mission to create the perfect sock for those cooler months, after 2 years of development and a three-stage manufacturing process incorporating a high-quality acrylic yarn mix with an incredibly soft, cashmere-like feel, a special long looped pile and finally an intense brushing process. Heat Holders managed to design the perfect warm sock by trapping as much warm air as close to the skin as possible, and they do it do better than any other sock in the world. The popularity of this initial product has since spawned a line of hats, gloves, tights, leggings, thermal underwear, fleece, and blankets too, all of which have been equally as successful.

We were recently given the opportunity to review their Original socks and our feet have never been toastier! Now, admittedly, I run pretty hot most of the time but when Winter rolls around, I suffer from perpetual cold feet. Given the warmer weather, reviewing this was quite the challenge but thanks to a friend and his sub-zero meat locker, we managed to get the job done. We strapped on Heat Holders’ original socks and sat in a meat storage locker for 30 minutes and besides my upper body feeling like a slab of frosty meat, my feet were very warm.

The 91% Acrylic, 5% Nylon, 3% Polyester, 1% Elastane make of the socks means not only are these comfortable but also a heavy pile make which means they are notably thick and clunky but that is where the magic comes from. The heat did not leave my ankle and my body managed to regulate my temperature up to my ankle with ease. It’s also worth noting, my feet did not sweat in these and there is good breath-ability for such a thick sock.

On top of my head was one of their Hats which we are a big fan of too. Not only does it look great, it too is made from a similar 53% Polyester 47% Acrylic, Lining: 100% Polyester construction and has a soft and plush feeling against the old dome that we love. The stretchable ribbed make means it perfect for any head size and the insulating yarn used within means no heat escapes from the head and therefore your body can better determine your overall body temperature and adjust accordingly.

While this was no scientific test, Heat Holders do hold the heat against your body and keep you warm and here in Canada where it can dip below -30C, every bit of help to stay warm is welcome. If you are someone that suffers in the colder months, don’t despair – this is the product for you!

Get yours at https://www.heatholders.com/

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