Son of Tailor – Custom Fitted Shirts

Finding the right fit when it comes to a classic t-shirt is by no means an easy task with each manufacturer have a different opinion on fit, sizing, and style. The result? As consumers, we are left to make compromises – it may be too short, too thin, mis-sized, too big, and so on. The madness stops now! Son of Tailor can create the perfect fitting wardrobe-essentials using 4 simple questions and it works great!

There are a few things off the bat that we love about Son of Tailor, not only are there tees made to order, they understand that two bodies are the same and cater specifically to your body shape. Also, because they are made to order, it means less impact on the environment and correspondingly less waste. No stock, no sales, no unsold clothing ending up in landfills.

We were given the opportunity to try their ready-made tees and the first thing that immediately struck us was the quality of the materials used, the cotton is of extremely high quality and feels super luxe. Each shirt is made from California grown extra-long-staple cotton that is super strong and resists twisting and warping in the wash meaning each shirt has some serious longevity. We were also big fans of their color options, which according to the Son of Tailor team, has something do with the type of cotton latching on more to the dyes being used resulting in richer colors. It is also worth noting that they offer polo and long sleeve options as well made from equally premium Merino wool and brilliant Tencel fibers reclaimed from raw wood sourced from PEFC™ forests resulting in a silk-like texture like no other.

So how do they get the perfect fit every time? Using their own unique Ideal Sizing Algorithm, you simply enter your height, weight, age, and shoe size, and through the power of supercomputing, your superlative size is established for the type of garment you are purchasing. You can also customize your usual fit type, sleeve length, and shirt length as well. The customization options are endless and it produces near-perfect results each time. Best of all, should the unfortunate occur that the T-Shirt does not meet your specifications or expectations, they will make you a new T-Shirt free of charge.

With every style from tees to polos to scarfs and more, there is no reason not to try Son of Tailor and their unique and personalized offerings. So what are you waiting for?

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