With the rise of make-at-home coffee brands like Nespresso, it has never been easier to brew a good cup of coffee. You simply turn on the machine, pop in a pod, and hit start. The problem is coffee pods can get expensive at over $1.25 a pod and they are horrible for the environment with many companies failing to adopt more eco-friendly packaging. One company wants to solve this dilemma by allowing consumers to create their coffee pods with the grind of their choosing from the convenience of your very own home, that company is the CES Innovation Award-winning – Capsulier.

With Capsulier, you will not need to rely on store-bought coffees or the local barista for your daily fix. Capsulier Lite is a coffee pod refillable system with its sight set on eliminating single-use coffee capsules. Consumers can brew their favorite blends and best of all, the coffee is always fresh. No more rush-hour queues for overpriced coffee or bitter tea; with their mess-free capsules, you get to enjoy the aroma and flavor of the ingredients that you choose.

No more rush-hour queues for overpriced coffee or bitter tea

Designed in Hong Kong, this award-winning machine with its all-white and sleek minimalist aesthetic allows you to craft a coffee capsule that’s easy on the environment and your budget by simply loading the roasted and ground beans into the Capsulier, close the lid, and push the lever and in seconds you’ll have a capsule ready for use. One thing we love about this machine is that it produces a more consistent and flavorful coffee experience every time because you, the consumer, get to choose the blend and each pod has the same amount of ground coffee thanks to its innovative grind size indicator resulting in a flavorful barista level brew without the need to pay over $5 a cup (yes we are looking at you Starbucks).

One thing we noticed during our testing as well was that unlike Nespresso and even Keurig machines, you do not get a nasty plastic taste from the hot water passing through the pod packaging. In fact, with the Capsulier Lite, there is also zero mess and zero waste, as each stainless-steel pod is reusable and washable. Best of all, after the initial investment of the machine, you start saving money because you are no longer paying exuberant prices for boutique coffee pods or coffee made from apparently trained baristas.

The Capsulier Lite is not only a versatile and functional product but one that is designed to help us be more eco friendly in our daily lives, if you are a lover of coffee and mother Earth,  why wouldn’t you go out and buy one for yourself? The decision is simple.

BUY yours here – Capsulier LITE Coffee Brewer with Reusable Capsi Caspule + Cleaning Cloth

PS – By the way, Capsulier is now more affordable than ever with Black Friday pricing on their website and at Amazon!


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