Huawei GT 2 Pro Smartwatch and FreeBuds Pro Wireless Earphones

In a sea of Apple watches and Airpods, it is hard for new products to compete in these spaces, however, Huawei has never been afraid of challenging the norm with an innovation first approach to many of their smart devices. Their latest GT 2 Pro Smartwatch and Freebuds Pro earphones have set their sights on taking away some of the shine from their competitors and offering up excellent audio performance and a health-centric wearable that should be on everyone’s wrist this festive season.

The GT 2 Pro is a stunning smartwatch and is built to last, featuring a titanium frame, polished ceramic back, and sapphire watch face, this device truly is a watch built for sports and outdoor enthusiasts. With features we would normally expect from a smartwatch in 2020 like customizable watch faces, GPS, altimeter, wireless and reverse wireless charging, smart notifications, and more it is also the first watch from the company that streamlines a classic round dial with the watchstrap that satisfies and achieves a professional look.

The watch is also a powerful fitness tracker with more than 100 workout modes covering a diverse range of activities, together with outdoor and weather alerts for a smart companion. Additionally, its professional health tracking is made even more accurate using the HUAWEI TruSeen™ 4.0+ heart rate monitoring technology for you to stay on top of your health.

Additionally, the GT 2 Pro provides incredible 2-week battery life, besting most in the industry as well as two new additions – skiing, and golf – to the original 15 professional workout modes. We are also especially fond of their 10 scientifically designed, professional running courses with voice coaching to gradually boost your cardio and endurance throughout your workouts. The watch also knows when you need a break with Huawei’s own TruRelax TM technology to provide 24/7 pressure monitoring for users, keeping an eye on users’ mental health.

The FreeBuds Pro wireless earphones promise users a premium audio experience and it delivers and then some! With a familiar design language to many other wireless earphones on the market, Huawei has focused its attention on what matters most with this release and that is sound.

FreeBuds Pro represents the pinnacle of Huawei’s high-end audio capabilities with world-first intelligent dynamic noise-cancellation and Dynamic EQ Adjustment, customized acoustic components, and an ultra-large amplitude 11mm dynamic driver that delivers some impressive sound quality plus excellent bass response and volume to match.

However, great sound is only half of the equation, the Pro can also keep sound out with three noise cancellation modes to provide up to 40dB of intelligent noise reduction tailored to the user’s surroundings. They can even prioritize vocals which reduces the ambient sounds to make human voices stand out. One thing of note is that every person we had a phone conversation with when paired with the FreeBuds remarked at the crispness of sound clarity. There is also a brilliant awareness mode that leverages the in-built microphones to allow certain mid and high frequencies to be heard, making these safe for airports and navigating busy city streets.

Last but certainly not least are the brilliant touch gestures that allow the usual array of play, stop, skip track, accept or reject calls, and so on. As well, you can pinch or hold the stem that enables or disables the noise cancellation feature. Pair this with nearly 30-hour battery life (usage dependant) and you have a sure-fire winner here that makes Airpods look like a cheap dollar store knock off!

To conclude, both the GT 2 Pro and Freebuds Pro represent what forward-thinking, innovation and R&D can do when they set out to make the perfect wearable and premium high-fidelity audio experience. If you are starting your Christmas shopping, we would highly recommend you check these out and try them for yourself. They are both that good!

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