SST Face Mask by Killspencer

This next write up is as much a review as it is a public service announcement, with the threat of COVID still lingering worldwide, let us try to curb the spread this holiday season by wearing Government-mandated face masks in public spaces and maintaining social distancing and there is no better way to protect yourself than with the SST face mask by Killspencer.

Designed and made in the USA, this face-covering comes in three sizes ranging from child to adult and is crafted from heavy grade layers of advanced Meltblown and Spunbond polypropylene material that makes it not only incredibly lightweight but also water, liquid and surfactant resistant.

The soft non-abrasive fabric is incredibly comfortable, and we are big fans of the fit of the elastic ear loops and nose piece that seemingly shapes to your face with ease. The material used in its construction is also surprisingly breathable with the shape of the mask keeping it slightly away from the face meaning it can also wick sweat and allow for better airflow all the while keeping moisture and contaminants out, especially important if you wear eyeglasses.

So, let us work together and not repeat the same mistakes in 2021, protect yourself and your family with the SST face mask by Killspencer, it is worth the investment in your family’s health and well being.

BUY yours here –

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