Hustleandfit Multipurpose Duffel

I feel like the tag line for this review should be epic, something like – “One Bag to Rule Them All” – because that is exactly what the Hustleandfit Multipurpose Duffel bag is, it is your one carry-all for work, travel, the gym and pretty much anything else you can think of.

What began as a successful Kickstarter campaign soon been developed into a philosophy that drives the company and an ethos to craft a versatile bag that can support the lives of busy professionals who care about staying fit. You see, most of us, carry multiple bags anyway for work, the gym, short trips, and more so the team at Hustleandfit created a product that bridges the gap between function and style. It is one bag to suit multiple purposes.

You see, the multipurpose duffel bag is 4 bags in one, built to avoid the stress of carrying numerous items separately. On the outside, it looks and feels like a regular duffle bag with its waterproof polyester construction, padded shoulder straps, and comfortable handles, but it also serves as a meal compartment holder, shoe holder, luggage sleeve and has a plethora of additional pockets that would make any frequent commuter happy. 

But it gets better! The bag unfolds and on the inner, there is the added flexibility of a brilliant garment pocket, laptop sleeve, pocket flap for vitamins, or tie and features an internal water bottle holder with a drawstring and a pocket for small items like cell phones and chargers. The cherry on top though must be the inclusion of a portable laundry bag for dirty clothes, a super convenient vitamin container, and a multipurpose shaker cup for those post-workout protein supplements.  This truly is the Swiss pocketknife of duffels.  

With features designed to help you with your everyday hustle, the Multipurpose Duffel from Hustleandfit has quickly become our new favorite item to move about our day within early 2021. Not only does it make commuting easier, but it also reduces the bulk we carry and lightens the load on tired shoulders at the end of a long day. As the world starts to gradually restart from a pandemic and we get back on our feet, isn’t it time we made our lives a little easier? Because this is exactly what this duffel was designed for – versatility and simplicity and it does not get any better than that!

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