Twelve South Curve Riser

Ergonomics plays a big role when you are working at home or in the office and this could not be truer when you are starring at a monitor for 10-12 hours per day. The folks at Twelve South may have found the solution with their brilliant and classy Curve Riser which elevates your screen to a more comfortable viewing level and serves to help more effectively store your computing gear.

Designed to elevate monitors that have a 10-inch-wide base, this minimalist’s dream comes with an all-metal design with luxurious curved edges that can raise your monitor just over four inches so that the top of the screen is at—or slightly below—eye level making your eyes look slightly downward when viewing the middle of the screen which is the recommended situation for best practice ergonomics for screen junkies.  

We have been impressed with the weight and stability of the Curve Riser as well, not once did we feel that our monitor of choice was unbalanced or unsteady and after using it for some time now, we have welcomed the extra height as it forces us to straighten our backs while working, leading to better posture too. We also love that it has made us reconsider our desktop organization thanks to the embedded shelf measuring 10 inches wide with a height of 1.75 inches tall which turns out to be the perfect space to store hard drives, USB hubs, and even a Mac mini if you are fortunate enough to have one.

Lastly, we have also come to appreciate that the shelf is that is ventilated, meaning any electronic component you place in there will have enough airflow to function properly without fear of overheating such as during intensive editing sessions on audio interfaces. Finally, the Curve Riser seems to be the best solution for a streamlined dual-screen workstation, as it works to keep your desktop surface clear and orderly.

At just $79.95, this is yet another product you do not realize you need until you have used one. It has made us more productive, forced us to rethink our desktop set up and led to less screen fatigue as it changed the way we spend time viewing our screen daily.

BUY yours here – Twelve South Curve Riser Monitor Stand | Ergonomic Desktop Stand with Storage Shelf for iMac and Displays, Matte Black


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