Wood Underwear

Its time to upgrade your underwear fellas, the stretched out and strangely stained tighty whities of yesteryear just will not cut it anymore! The folks at Wood Underwear can help you because they believe that a great pair of underwear should mean you feel and look fabulous in them but most importantly you feel great about the price too!

We love when companies don’t take themselves too seriously and with a slogan like “Get your Wood on, every day. Wood is good” it is obvious that the team over at Wood Underwear take a fun and keep-it-real approach to their line, and we like that. Born from the desire to make underwear more diverse and versatile for consumers, Wood Underwear offers every option for undergarments consumers could wish for – from trunks to briefs, tops, and even loungewear – you have more choice than ever before!

We were fortunate enough to try a few of their most popular styles the boxer brief and hip brief and we have never felt more comfortable. Looking premium and feeling the part, we enjoyed the completely seamless design and 3-inch inseam paired with the ultra-soft Lenzing Modal (beech tree cellulose)/cotton blend and non-binding waistband which made long days wearing these feel very supportive and comfy. One thing of note is that the design also means less riding up the leg which is a nuisance and often problematic with conventional boxer briefs.

The hip brief is your more traditional brief design and is more suited to those who do not want all that extra fabric floating around, it covers only the ‘good bits’ as my wife would say. Made from the same super soft cotton blend, plush waistband and nonexistent side seem, these are made for maximum comfort and when you want more support. They do seem to accentuate the upper thigh and hips more but have worn incredibly well and are so comfortable you will forget you are wearing them.

To conclude, underwear is often an afterthought for most men, with many opting for the multi-pack from Walmart than caring about durability and comfort. Put simply, the underwear you put on can make the clothes you wear feel that much better and, in a world, where the ladies can have their pick of the litter when it comes to design and style of their underwear, isn’t it time men had more choice too? You can with Wood Underwear.

Get yours at https://www.woodunderwear.com/

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