MOFT – World’s First Invisible Laptop, Phone, and Tablet Stand

Moft has made a name for themselves designing stands for your favorite accessories that are so minimal, it is like there is nothing there at all. They bring all the ergonomic joy and convenience without the added hardware and are the perfect addition to your at work or work from home office setup.

What makes Moft’s stands so different, is that they are a non-permanent adhesive product that you attach to your favorite laptop, tablet, or smartphone and like magic, it simply unfolds and elevates your device all the while maintaining a robust weight carrying capacity. When not in use, the stand folds completely flat and basically disappears.

In the case of their classic Laptop stand, we also appreciate that it is only 3mm thick and weighs just 3oz as to not add any unnecessary bulk to the portability of the device. We love the double-angle adjustment that makes it easy to find the ideal height and angle to work comfortably and have been pleasantly surprised by the stand’s sturdiness due in part to the clever Polyurethane and Fiber Glass construction giving it some well-needed rigidity.

Their Tablet stands also builds on this legacy and works effectively to create better viewing angles and supports devices between 9.7 – 13 inches offering 3 different angled axis points at 25/40/60 degrees, making this very versatile for travel. You can also rest assured knowing that the stand can also be removed and reapplied to different devices between 5-6 times should you upgrade your device.

Lastly is their Adhesive Phone stand which features a cardholder on the back that can store up to 3 cards and protect your cards with RF-ID all the while offering users the ability to angle their device 60 degrees vertically or 45 degrees horizontally which are perfect for consuming media or when you need to show something on the device. It is also compatible with any device with a screen size of 4.7 inches or higher.

To sum up, if you are someone that uses a phone stand regularly and lament when you do not have one around, then this is a must-buy for you. Its simple peel and stick design makes it incredibly versatile no matter what device you install it on and folds flat when not in use, hidden in plain sight, not detracting from the aesthetic design of the product. At just $55 for all three, you cannot do better than this!

BUY yours here – MOFT Reusable Adhesive 4-in-1 Cell Phone Grip, Phone Stand, Card Holder, Adjustable Viewing Angles, Magnetic, Thin Design with Grip to be Held for All iPhone Android Smartphones


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