Eubi Hybrid Shorts

As I stare out my window and watch the snow fall heavily here in North America, I find myself feeling the wanderlust, remembering those warm Summer days and beach vacations. While that may still be a little way off for me, one thing we can all agree on is that a Summer staple must be a great pair of shorts and they do not get much better than the Hybrid short by Eubi.

Eubi has developed a global reputation for quality, cost, and customer service. They provide a platform for young artists to showcase their designs all the while valuing the importance of giving back through their work with where a percentage of each sale goes. With this philosophy in mind, they set out to disrupt the fashion industry by bringing something fun and new to the market and this could not be truer than with their Hybrid short.

Let us start with the design, the Hybrid short has been created to fully fold into its back pocket making this the perfect companion for those weekends away when you may want to jump in the lake for a swim or hit the beach for a surf.  When you do, you will marvel at the brilliant quick-dry material thanks to Eubi’s own EubiLite™, a fabric made from a textile blend of dense microfibre that dries up to 3 times faster than a conventional board short. They are also coated with a unique UV protective layer for added protection from the sun.

We are also big fans of how well they wear, with the material having a nice stretchiness to it combined with the strength of its reinforced stitching and uber comfortable elastic waistband. The 7-inch seam is also the perfect length to allow full movability whether you are playing beach volleyball or doing some yoga lakeside. The cherry on top being the conveniently hidden back pocket and concealed drawstring should you need to tie them up when hitting the waves.

Put simply, these shorts are so versatile and so comfortable they feel like they can be worn anywhere and everywhere and when you want something you can rely on no matter what your warm-weather adventure brings you, then look no further than the Hybrid short by Eubi, it is that good!

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