OPKIX One – Two Camera System

Are you someone that lives for adventure and loves to document them on your social media accounts? Then chances are you have probably heard of action cameras, small wearable HD devices that allow you to document your wildest escapades around the world. Now, a new competitor is throwing their hat into the ring with the option to record through not one but two cameras simultaneously, that is the Two Camera System by OPKIX One.

OPKIX Inc.’s vision is rooted in creating the lightest, most wearable video capture solution integrating simplicity with technology to exceed consumer expectations. They believe in capturing the moment you live in and living in the moment you capture.

At an incredibly svelte four inches, each camera comes with 4GB of storage and can capture 15 minutes of electronically stabilized editable 1080p high-definition footage that can be shared directly to social media. The build itself is also is impressive with aerospace aluminum shell paired with IPX7 water and dust resistance paired and sapphire coated lenses meaning these are ready to tackle any adventure you can throw at them.

The real highlight for us with the OPKIX one is the charging “egg”. Named for its unique shape and design, it seamlessly transfers data from your camera to your device while it charges and provides an additional 70 minutes of capture storage. After you record your footage, you simply place the cameras inside the egg, and then open their smartphone app. After the videos sync, you can accordingly add emojis or effects to the footage and share them with friends and family through Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and more!

To sum up, OPKIX one offers an impressive number of features in a small yet versatile package that means you are always at the heart of the action when it comes to living your life to the fullest. The video capture footage is crisp, stabilized, and ready to share and is the perfect companion for content creators, spies, or just someone that loves to observe the world.

BUY yours here – OPKIX One – World’s Smallest HD Action Camera – 14x14x36mm – 1920 x 1080 30fps – Pairs with Your Smartphone – Two-Camera System


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