Autonomous ErgoChair 2

There is nothing more important than your back health, it impacts your overall wellness. It is your spine that provides support for your whole body, protects your nerves, and allows you to move in different ways and correspondingly one of the most common causes of those that suffer from back pain is in the workplace, sitting at a desk for long periods. The team at Autonomous want to improve your spinal care with their ErgoChair 2 that focuses on prevention instead of a cure.

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, lower back pain is the most common cause of job-related disability, and around 80% of adults will experience it at some point in their lifetimes. Therefore, back health is undeniably important in ensuring wellbeing in both personal and work capacities. The team behind Autonomous is all about practical and functional minimalism. They firmly believe that the user experience is the most important factor to take into consideration and as a result, their fully customizable ErgoChair 2 has been designed to provide back support, prevent back pain, and improve sitting posture.

Built to offer 360° degrees of flexible, full-body support in any seated position, the ErgoChair 2 can be adjusted in virtually every angle and direction. With its durable Nylon plastic frame, a molded foam interior, PU hand rest pads, and a brilliant and springy mesh back, the chair can be adjusted to best support the head, arms, back tilt angle and tension, seat tilt, and height to support an impressive 350Lb of weight.

The chair itself is also quite tall and wide, measuring 29 inches horizontally, and is adjustable vertically up to 50 inches. The seat itself, while incredibly comfortable, we do find should be able to be raised a little higher and maxes out at 20 inches which feels a little short for someone like me at 6ft tall. Another small gripe is the armrests, I appreciate that they are firm and adjustable, but they never seem to lock in place and slide back and forth on just a little too easy. However, one thing we are big fans of is the 360-degree movement that 5 caster wheels offer, it is very smooth to maneuver which is something other furniture manufacturers often overlook and equip with your run-of-the-mill bargain brand offerings.

Lastly, is it comfortable? Most definitely, this is a certain upgrade over your Staples or Office Depot office chair. They are not even in the same league! The flexible lumbar system and tilting backrest alone are a game changer and have improved my overall posture when working in front of a screen for 10 hours a day. Also of note is the headrest that can be adjusted by both height and angle, always providing support for those tired neck muscles, and cradling your head and neck in the exact right spot.

To conclude, the Ergo Chair 2 by Autonomous is the only chair we recommend for those that value comfort, versatility, and support for their spine. With many different colors and design options, this could be the perfect companion to an ideal workplace setup.

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