We are big fans of tools that claim to do it all and make life easier and while not all are ones to write home about, the Heroclip has changed the way we do things and offers so much versatility to the end consumer, we just had to write about it!

Born from the need to have an extra helping hand, the Heroclip is a special hooked carabiner that comes in multiple sizes and can pretty much gather, fasten or hang something anywhere, anytime you need it. With the ability to hold between 40 – 60 pounds depending on the size you purchase; it also features a unique swivel joint that allows you to turn the hook 360 degrees for the best application in the scenario you find yourself in. It is also very compact, and its distinctive design allows it to fold in on itself for easy pocketable storage.

Now, you are probably wondering why would you need one of these? If I am being honest, I wasn’t sure either until I saw a young mother at the store recently rocking her mommy clip, a similar yet different and more heavyweight carabiner that suspended her diaper bag on the back of her pusher, so it was off the ground and easily accessible and that is when the lightbulb suddenly went on. The Heroclip is the Mommy clip for everyone, and I started to think of all the applications for such a device.

The first use case that came to mind for the Heroclip was traveling or when we can finally travel again, being able to get toiletry bags off dirty hotel bathroom sinks could make a world of difference to my peace of mind, or in public restrooms where there is no hook on the back of the door to suspend your jacket or purse. What about the ability to add this carabiner to any water bottle to suspend it off a school backpack or to lift items off the ground in a home garage and better organize the space? Don’t even get me started about the possibilities for outdoor uses like hiking and camping. The possibilities are endless, and they have been for us too.

The Heroclip is the type of product that is brilliantly simple and robust in design but is the multitool for the modern generation, adding so much versatility to your environment, you will wonder how you survived without it and that has been our experience over the past few weeks. We simply do not know how we have functioned so long without it and that is the best recommendation we can give for the Heroclip, it could change the way you do things in a very positive way. So, what are you waiting for?

BUY yours here – HEROCLIP Carabiner Clip and Hook (Medium) | 3-Pack Medium, Small and Mini |for Camping, Backpack, and Garage


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