The Best Magsafe Accessories for iPhone

While Magsafe, the magnetic accessory mounting system on the latest iPhone 12 series, is still in its infancy, the walk not run to it quickly becoming a standout feature for Apple’s smartphones is something to watch on the horizon and no one creates better Magsafe accessories than brand sponsor ESR.

ESR, have been making tech. accessories for over a decade with everything from cases to screen protection, charging and more ESR creates simple, effective, and tech-enhanced products and services that give people a better experience with technology in everyday life. As they continue to develop new user-driven products and services that “innovate how humanity interacts with technology”, their latest line of Magsafe accessories is a testament to their vision. We were fortunate enough to review their Halolock Adjustable Kickstand, Wireless Charging stand, and in-car Wireless Dashboard charger.

In its simplest form, Magsafe from Apple is a fully wireless charging standard, but it is not just for charging. Most excitingly, it paves the way forward for an iPhone that does not need a Lightning port. That means better waterproofing and more room inside the chassis for other things, like a larger battery. Using magnets built into the iPhone’s back, it essentially is a disc that magnetically attaches to the back of the phone to fast charge your device. However, this is where the problem lies, your phone must be completely flat to use the Magsafe charger making it impossible to glance at notifications. Enter ESR, their Halolock kickstand aims to solve this problem by, as you can probably guess, adding a very functional kickstand and it works brilliantly. The aluminum alloy build with a detachable cable means you can charge with the built-in kickstand that is there when you need it and folds away when you do not. This product is so brilliantly simple and clever in its design, you must wonder why Apple did not think of this first, right?


The Wireless charging stand takes functionality one step further with a raised stand that keeps your phone closer to eye level for comfortable and ergonomic viewing. With the ability to position your device portrait or landscape and rotate it 360 degrees, powerful magnets secure the device in place and simultaneously charge it at the same time. The included extra-long USB-C cable is a welcome addition and this product from ESR has been instrumental to us in doubling our iPhone as a high-definition webcam during zoom calls instead of using a traditional grainy desktop/laptop-based camera.


Lastly, is the Halolock Dashboard Wireless car charger which is a similar affair to other phone holders for a car offering consumers the ability to mount securely to your dashboard or windshield with a powerful and reusable suction cup and it is freely adjustable to make finding your most comfortable angle easy. However, ESR, adds even more functionality by adding 7.5W fast wireless charging through the addition of Magsafe capability to the phone holder. This has quickly become our new favorite charging and mounting solution for short or long drives around town and securely holds the phone no matter the terrain.


If you are new to this technology in the iPhone 12 series, these three products are a great place to start when comes it to exploring all that Magsafe has to offer and ESR does it better than the rest.

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