StrongBoard Balance Board

With so many people still working from home and gyms continuing to be closed because of Covid (especially here in North America) many people have turned to at-home fitness solutions that can provide a total body workout in the comfort of their abode. The folks behind the StrongBoard Balance Board want to help, by providing consumers with a workout tool that can strengthen, tone, and improve their balance and reaction time.

Developed by Mike Curry, an industry expert with almost 20 years of personal training experience, a balance board is a device that can be used for exercise, physical therapy, balance training, muscle training, brain development, and more. Comprised of four springs centered between a platform and base, the springs act like a seesaw and offers 360-degree dynamic articulation that creates constant instability and a dissimilar center of gravity that forces your body to engage your musculature and stabilizing muscles all the while improving posture, spatial awareness, and reaction time.

Due to the dual balance and stability training this device provides, it can help users find their center of gravity while still and in motion. As a result of the body’s natural reaction to this instability, it also can result in increased blood flow and oxygen, strengthening of muscles, tendons, and ligaments while stimulating neural pathways. It is also worth noting here that the StrongBoard Balance Board was designed for people of all ages and fitness levels as this one-of-a-kind device trains the body and the mind!

With a range of exercises and even live classes available for users for free on their website, after using the device this past month there is a lot to like here. For someone like me that has terrible balance, I will not lie and say it was initially easy to use because there is a little bit of an adjustment period. Getting on and off the device was a challenge at first but once you get the hang of it and your body adjusts to the change in the center of gravity, you can feel your core and muscles engage to keep equilibrium. One thing I have noticed is how my muscles have strengthened in my lower back resulting in a change of posture, I am less hunched over and standing taller. I also feel that my core and midsection look more toned and likely a result of different muscle groups being engaged, I have lost 5 pounds, and trust me, 10 minutes of trying to stay balanced on the Balance Board and you will sweat!

To sum up, the StrongBoard Balance Board is a unique total body fitness tool that is akin to the Swiss Army Knife when it comes to conditioning the body. Not only does it engage the various muscle groups, but it also trains the mind as it is constantly adjusting and readjusting your posture to maintain balance and as a result will help burn burns calories fast. If you are looking for a one-and-done at-home fitness tool that can target multiple areas at one time, look no further, you have found it!

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