Nimble Disc Case

Remember compact discs or CDs for you cool folk? Me too! Sitting in a dusty box somewhere in my basement is every CD I ever purchased with my hard-earned grocery store job money dating back to the early 90s. Sadly, with streaming services in full swing, they have not seen the day of light for some time now. But what if, there was a way to pay homage to the faithful shiny circular disc by turning it into an eco-friendly phone case? Well, now there is with the Nimble Disc Case.

Since 1982, over 1 trillion discs have been made. Enough to circle the planet 30 times. Every month, about 3 million discs become obsolete. Most end up in landfills or are incinerated, creating a massive stream of pollution. The Disc Case is the world’s only iPhone case made from 100% recycled compact discs. As most discs are made of polycarbonate, a common material used in most phone cases these days, the team at Nimble Case collected up your old CDs and DVDs and cleaned and ground them into a compound they could use in their phone accessories.  

They are so committed to this sustainable practice, they even offer consumers the option to mail in their discarded CD’s and DVD’s and through a company called GreenDisk, they will work with non-profit partner companies to create an innovative set of recycling services and recycled products while creating job opportunities for workers with disabilities.

So, what about the case you ask? The Disc Case is not your standard run-of-the-mill clear plastic case it offers up to 6ft of drop protection and features unique Antimicrobial protection against yellowing and staining. It is also wireless charger and Magsafe friendly too!

The real cherry on top must be that everything from the case to the packaging too, is eco-friendly. While we are on the packaging, it also features zero plastic, is fully recyclable, and even has water-based printed inks. Lastly, with every Disc Case purchase, consumers receive a free shipping label to send any used plastic case for safe, responsible recycling. When you do, get 15% off your next purchase.

To conclude, we are big fans of companies that are driven by sustainable eco-friendly practices, and as most people tend to buy phone cases two or three times a year, why not buy one that gives a little back. We know we will.

Get yours now at

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