The Hippie Pipe

Pandemic life has not exactly been easy. With so much uncertainty in the world, people’s anxiety has been at an all-time high. So, with marijuana use being legal here in Canada, many have been turning to a ‘greener’ way to help them cope. The Hippie Pipe is a nonelectric vape pen designed to help you enjoy your favorite stress relief option in the comfort of your own home.

With an efficient and compact design and made from premium materials including carbon and real rosewood or ebony, the pipe features a telescopic heating chamber essentially eliminating the need for small detachable parts that often get lost or are hard to clean. It also has a brilliant indicator slot to inform users when an ideal temperature is reached for use.

To use the Hippie Pipe, you simply grind your herbs and pack the chamber which could not be easier thanks to the aforementioned chamber that simply extends, scoops, and then retracts fully loading your pipe. Then you simply heat the chamber with another great product from the folks at Hippie Pipe called the Double Jet Flame Torch Lighter, which is a sleek, windproof mini blow torch in essence, and when the indicator turns chrome-colored you are good to go.

In our testing, one thing stood out above all else when using the Hippie Pipe and that was convenience. It is a brilliantly pocketable device and very easy to use anywhere, anytime and we love that. The founder of the device started the company to use “new technological advancements that can potentially transform the way we view plants with medicinal properties and healthy alternatives to using those plants while paying homage to the free thinkers, the movers and the shakers of society” and we think this captures why you need the Hippie Vaporizer perfectly –  it changes the way you think about vaping and makes it easier than ever to enjoy it.

In a world just starting to recover from a global pandemic, simplicity and convenience are what we all are seeking, and the Hippie Pipe is an excellent example of taking an existing product and making it better for all to enjoy and for that reason, it should be on your radar.

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