Wristcam – The Ultimate Apple Watch Accessory

The Apple Watch is a powerful productivity and fitness tool and for many, it has changed their lives and reduced their dependency on staring at their phones. However, it is far from perfect. While Apple watches have had a cellular capability for some time now on their premium models, many envisage a world where they can leave their phone behind and use a completely independent watch as their communication device, except there is one caveat – no camera! With over a billion photos taken daily, the folks at Wristcam have a solution with their Apple Watch band accessory that features not one but two cameras and now you can even video chat from it!

Wristcam is an Apple MFi-certified smart camera system that was started by an ex-Apple engineer and Silicon Valley/ Start-up Nation serial entrepreneur that are focused on creating camera-centric hardware and software to improve communication no matter the language barrier or geographic location. The brilliant modular design of Wristcam means that dual cameras can now be a reality on this very popular Apple accessory and at only 22 grams and half an inch in size, it also is not cumbersome to the experience of owning the device that we love so much.

The very comfortable and soft silicone strap that connects to the watch is fully IP68 waterproof and features an 8MP external + 2MP self-facing camera system capable of high-definition photo and video that is also voice controlled thanks to its Siri integration. There is also 8GB of on-device storage to keep all those photos and videos you take plus dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity for easy photo transfer and sharing.

We have been pleasantly surprised at just how good the photo and video quality are especially on the 8-megapixel external camera, photos are sharp, detailed and have decent dynamic range, and are perfect for a quick snap of family, friends, or interesting finds on the many natures trails we have explored with the device. The self-facing camera also works well for the occasional selfie snap or short blog-style Instagram story. We could see this being a popular choice among YouTubers, celebrities, and influencers alike.

We have been similarly impressed by the battery life on the Wristcam, we have spent entire days snapping photos and videos on the device and have never been let down and when you need a power-up, the device supports quick charge, so you are always ready for your next adventure. As we were writing this review, the folks at Wristcam just pushed out a brand-new Live Video feature which has taken the device to a whole new level in our books. Wristcam’s new live video experience enables in-the-moment sharing with just a flick of the wrist with the announcement of Live Messenger, the first and only Apple Watch experience to offer live video communication. Using the app which can be downloaded from the App Store, videos can be watched live, in real-time, or later, whenever convenient, and are automatically deleted once consumed. After using it for a short time, we can see this being a very popular selling point for Wristcam, especially if you have a cellular enabled watch, it essentially means consumers now have the freedom to go phone-free while staying connected with live or later video communication and that is huge!

If you cannot already tell, we love Wristcam. It is a product that is unlike anything else on the market today. It screams innovation and aims to solve one of the fundamental reasons why the Apple Watch cannot fully become a true autonomous connected device. With over 1000 photos and videos taken on our review unit and now video chat features alike, we cannot ever see this thing coming off our wrist and is one of the rare products that you simply did not realize how powerful a tool it is until you tried it. Do not wait any longer, get yours today!

BUY yours here – Wristcam, The Camera for The Apple Watch 42mm-44mm, Black, 8MP + 2MP Cameras, 8GB Storage, WiFi, Bluetooth 5, IPX68 Water-Resistant


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