Our Everyday Carry Summer 2021: Powered by Ekster

Since One Cut Reviews started 5 years ago, we have reviewed over 750 products and the most common question we get from our readers is what products do you use every day? While each product we cover has its merits, only a very few find their way into our daily lives, and lately, we have been gravitating towards a company that is in the business of making people’s daily lives easier and that company is Ekster. Here is the latest edition of Our Everyday Carry for the Summer of 2021.

The Parliament Wallet

Designed for the modern man that prefers a classic genuine leather wallet in a slim form factor but with quick access to your most-used cards, this stunning and slim offering from Ekster is made from genuine handcrafted top-grain quality leather that develops a lovely patina over time. With a stunning two-toned finish, giving the wallet a distinctive look and color that will endure as the wallet softens, it also bends and forms to the way it is used, whether in pocket, purse, or hand. It looks and feels very classy.

They have also included our absolute favorite feature – a quick-release card mechanism that is activated with a push of a solid-state button and fans out your most used cards for reliable, swift, and safe access to them. At just 0.3 inches thick and made of fully anodized aluminum, it also does not make the wallet bulky which we love but the cherry on top is that this design also means this is an RFID-blocking cardholder preventing you from card skimming or electronic pickpocketing as it is also known.

Laptop Sleeve

This premium 13inch laptop sleeve is the only way you should carry your daily productivity tool around and features a striking all-leather design that is sure to turn heads. It features a soft microfiber lining & padding with a discrete magnetic closure that keeps dust out and your essentials in, protecting them from scratches and dents.

The brilliant genuine leather exterior is also gold-rated using ECCO Leather’s new DriTan™ technology, an ecofriendly way to process leather and reduce the amount of water being used and wasted in the process. DriTan™ saves 20 liters of water per hide equal to 25 million liters of water saved annually — enough water to keep 9.000 people hydrated for one year.  And is saving 600 tons of sludge that go to landfills per year.

Lastly, the leather construction also pairs very nicely with the Parliament Wallet and they complement each other very nicely. This Laptop Sleeve not only looks good but is slim and will protect your device as well. We love it!

Magnetic Folio Case for iPhone 12

On weekends, we like to pair down on the gear filling our pockets and bags and the Magnetic Folio Case combines the best iPhone case and wallet seamlessly into one.

Ekster has always designed some of the best leather snap-on cases for the iPhone, but the Magnetic Folio case takes it one step further and provides consumers with the ability to put all their essentials in one place. The Magnetic Folio is a full-fledged wallet add-on for your Ekster iPhone case. It stores 6+ cards, plenty of room for cash, a reset pin, and space for an extra SIM card. This modular add-on auto aligns and stays securely stuck with discrete magnets.

It too is made from premium genuine leather by ECCO and features embossed buttons, an ear cut out for closed folio calling, and some serious protection for the screen and camera bump in the event of a fall. It even doubles as a horizontal kickstand so you can enjoy your entertainment hands-free.

For us, this is the perfect case for the iPhone, when you do not need the folio functionality, you simply remove the inner case, and you have sexy and slim minimalist protection for your phone but when you are heading for a night out the folio magnetically snaps on and you have a wallet and phone case in one. Simply brilliant.

Check out these and more only at https://ekster.com/

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