Kygo Xcellence Earphones

Ponder for a moment what could happen if a Norwegian DJ, songwriter, and record producer whose whole life has been about sound and audio clarity designed a pair of wireless earphones to offer superior music experiences to everyone, regardless of people’s music taste. Well, wonder no more. The Xellence True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earphones are now a reality and are looking to prove that high-end personalized sound is achievable for under $250!

Kygo Life is a brand built using innovative and ethical Scandinavian design with a desire to connect people on a personal and emotional level with their products and this philosophy could not be more evident than with their latest Xcellence True Wireless Earphones. Available in classic black or polar white and featuring the signature X on the left and right earbud, not only do they sound great but look incredible too! Complete with a very functional and sleek quick charging case that can quickly power them up for 2 hours playback in just 15 minutes, and up to 5 different sized silicone tips in the box, this is as good as it gets when it comes to premium packaging and included accessories.

Using Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and offering an impressive 30-hour playback time, the Xcellence series by Kygo not only uses Digital hybrid Noise-Cancelling but also Kygo’s own Mimi Sound Personalization using the intuitive Kygo X app which will fine-tune sound playback to your desired listening.  The Mimi sound personalization tech works by essentially developing your Hearing ID and uses real-time adjustments to tailor to your hearing needs. The result is a listening experience like no other we have tried, we all know that each ear is different, and sounds can be perceived differently, with this unique sound personalization system, it allows users to craft a near-perfect listening experience and it works incredibly well.

The Xcellence Series also supports the latest Qualcomm® aptX™ and AAC® sound codecs and are also IPX5 water protected so you can wear them while you work out too. They also have an impressive range up to 10 meters from a connected device and the built-in microphone also delivers above-average recording quality for those hands-free calls, note dictation, or to call up your virtual assistant. As far as sound quality is concerned, these offer a versatile listening experience with very good noise filtering and are suitable for most music genres. The sound caliber is aided using a powerful 10 mm driver with 32Ω impedance and delivers an impressive frequency response of 97db (+-3 dB).  To put it simply, these offer a good to very good sound experience and should be considered by all music lovers, young or old.

To conclude, it is often easy to overlook a brand because they do not have the biggest presence in this retail space but that doesn’t mean their product is not as good or better than their competitors. So, if you care about sound quality and want the best earphones for your personalized listening, look no further than the Kygo Xcellence Noise Cancelling Earphones.

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