Best New Smart Accessories for 2021

With the new smartphone release season upon us, now is more important than ever to get your new device geared up with some of the best accessories to keep your investment safe. Here is our list of the Best new Phone Accessories for 2021.

Doc Artisan Cases

If you are a fan of handmade premium leather cases and real wood accessories, Doc Artisan should be your first port of call. Since 2011, the team at DA has employed a team of skilled artisans who love their work and work with love and take pride in excellent workmanship and ruthless quality control.

Using everything from reclaimed wood to make stunning docks for your device to innovative and high-quality leather products and even their own brilliant Mag Mount chargers for the iPhone, they truly do it all.

Our recommendation though would have to be their classic V8 Wallet case for Apple and Galaxy devices. With a dual-use magnetic latch, clear id window, giant inner pockets, modern spine design, full rotation iPhone stand function plus plenty of space for ID and credit cards this case truly does it all.

Made from genuine leather and having a satisfying 5-year warranty, the V8 also has a detachable inner case and wallet shell, meaning when you want to go slim without the outer folio case you can, and then when you are it simply magnetically locks back into place.

It is a little pricey at $100 but it is worth every penny for the versatility, protection, and classy looks it provides.

Noreve Luxury Leather Accessories

When style, luxury, and class is the name of the game, Noreve is on a whole other level.

Making everything from phone, tablet, laptop cases, and more, they are designed in the beautiful St. Tropez in the South of France. Noreve as a company believes in one fundamental principle – Everything is based on quality – and from that, the company prides itself on using quality leathers, quality molds, and exceptional cutting techniques to cultivate the art of the object.

What makes Noreve’s smartphone accessories so appealing is the ability to customize your choice with what they call different ranges. Each range features different design cues, materials, and patterns to truly make a premium case that suits your own individual aesthetic and need.

Consumers can also specify coloring both in and outside the case as well as dictate overall design with both snap-on, folio, and flip-down varieties available.

One thing we have come to appreciate about Noreve is that they are usually quite quick to bring their custom case designs to market. In fact, they were one of the first Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra cases we tried, and have not taken it off the phone since. Their attention to detail is like no other and fits each device they create like a glove.

Starting at around $80, they are quite affordable considering this is a one-and-done type of purchase because based on the quality of production, you simply won’t need anything other.

Twelve South Action Sleeve 2

When it comes to smartwatches, there are not a lot of accessories to accompany them. Besides charging and screen protection, most companies lack any foresight on what their consumers may need. That is all except Twelve South.

Some of the more fitness-oriented of us don’t like to wear a smartwatch on our wrist while working out as it can be constricting to wrist mobility. Well, if you fit into this category Twelve South have you covered with their Action Sleeve.

Designed specifically for the Apple Watch, the Action Sleeve 2 is the 2nd iteration of their very popular protective armband that allows you to keep using your Apple Watch when sports gear or activity restricts wrist placement or causes discomfort.

It features a unique built-in bumper that protects Apple Watch and helps shield from nicks and dings while allowing crown access and even improves heart rate monitoring and variability as it provides a closer fit to your skin.

At less than $50, this affordable option may have just changed your entire training regimen for good! We know it did for us.

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